DIY Earring Holder Re-Do

Jan 10, 2012

Remember the earring holder mom and I made for Ellie?
Well, we decided to make a few adjustments to accommodate for stud earrings.
We thought long and hard about a way to incorporate them, and came up with two ideas.

My idea: Make a burlap bow to pin the earrings to.

Mom's idea: Pin a little recycled box to the chicken wire.
The box could hold stud earrings, as well as rings.

We just used little brads to place the box, and it can be moved into any location you pick.

So, we combined them both and it came out wonderfully!

This earring holder will go perfectly in the dorms of LSU, the National Champs.


anna said...

wow i really need a thing like this!!
my jewels are always in a mess!!

Emily @ Dashboard Diary said...

You should make one, it's so easy!

DTgma said...

Why is the original earring holder not available anymore? I was looking for instructions of how to make one like that. I tried in 2 different places and it says no longer on blog. I would like to have the instructions. Please. Is there somewhere else to get them?
Thank you

PS my email is
I don't ever check the gmail one

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