Brewsday: Franconia Brewery

Feb 22, 2012

I've had a love of good quality beer from a young age . . . 

(Just kidding, don't turn my parents in to child protective services)
. . . but that is my dad and I (on the right) at the Shiner brewery when I was 6 months old.

Cool shorts. Cool wayfarers. Cool keds. Cool 'stache.

Last time I was visiting Josh in Dallas, some people we met at Whiskey Cake told us about a new brewery in McKinney called Franconia.

Josh, Bart, and I consider ourselves well cultured in the ways of brewing and beers (since the ripe age of 21, of course) so we jumped at the chance to check this place out.
They offer tours every Saturday at 11 for only $5!
(anyone looking for a cheap date idea?)

The owner and brewmaster Dennis Wehrmann was born in Germany, and you see many German influences around the brewery and in his beer.
He truly makes you appreciate the art (and science) of creating a well rounded, wonderful flavored beer. 

Right now, they are making three beers: wheat, dunkel, and lager.
I truly can't choose my favorite, they were all really really really good.

Of all the brewery tours we have been on, I would have to say this was the most educational.
One of the things that stuck out to me the most on this tour was the fact that Franconia doesn't bottle their beer.
They only sell it by the keg, in order to prevent the waste of glass bottles.
We learned that America is the only country without a policy on the reuse of glass bottles.
Most countries require that every bottle be cleaned and used again up to 10-20 times before it is trashed.

I loved the chalkboard detailing all the different batches in each tank!

If you ever have a free Saturday in the area, we highly recommend you taking a stop by the brewery!
It will be well worth your time!

Remember back when Josh was cool and actually wrote a few posts here and there?
Me neither.
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There is nothing in the world better (and better for you) than brown sugar glazed bacon.


monster cakes said...

I love this! My state is a huge beer state (OR), so I've definitely grown up learning about brewing and delicious beer.

Unknown said...

this looks like so much fun! i have never brewed beer, but i think i need to!!

Emily said...

soooo jealous! oregon is one of the only states left that I'm dying to visit!

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