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Mar 2, 2012

For the month of March, I am so excited to be able to introduce y'all to some of my favorite bloggers around!

Hi! I'm Chelsea; the writer of The Collegebook.

My blog is about my college adventures.
It started as my way to just write, but that didn't last long.
This semester my professor told my class that our project is to keep a blog about media.
I decided that since my life revolves around media, I would just write about the daily life of a college student.
I have come to LOVE blogging and all of the friends that I have made.

Come stop by and stay awhile :)


Well hello Dashboard Diary readers!

My name is Tracy, and I am so happy to be Emily's newest sponsor!

 Scribble Smudge was created about one year ago, around the same time that I married the coolest dude EVER and decided to spread our love across the universe in the form of a blog.

 I write about my life as a wife, teacher, triathlete, novice chef (in my own kitchen), and camping aficionado.

I hope you stop by to read a little about our journey, and stay for the fun.

And maybe the recipes.

Hello dahlings! 

I'm Megan from Classy Confessions.

My husband is Andy, and our adorable little pup is Winston.

We love fashion, food, and all things funny.

Classy Confessions is a place for me to express my semi-ridiculous love of fashion.

I post about my favorite pieces, my favorite combinations, and my favorite bargains.

Come over for a visit why don't ya?!

Hi! I'm Jenn, and I document my adventures at Passenger Seat Perspectives! The name come from me taking pictures from the seat of our car, since my hubby likes to drive I like to snap photos as we go. It's also the way I look at life: I like being along for the ride and seeing what experiences life offers me! Blogging started for me when I stumbled upon a bunch of fantastic blogs and just loved that such awesome women, ones not with lives not too different from mine, were sharing their ideas and opinions with the world. I definitely wanted to be part of it. I pretty much blog about whatever interests me - from photography to crafts and recipes, from fashion to home life, from daily adventures to what I think and believe, from my hubby to family to friends. This year, I made a resolution to spend more time with the people I care about, do more of the things I love, have more fun, and just all around live life more to the fullest! I would love if you joined me for the ride.
Come visit me, I love making new blogger friends! : )

hey, lovelies!  i'm lori of a crazy walk on the safe side. i am a southern girl in my mid-twenties. i married my lovie on 05.22.10 after 4.5 years of dating. we recently moved to a new city and i am thoroughly frustrated with embracing my new title as a 'stay at home wife'. thanks to pinterest, i have unrealistic high expectations of my future home {which we hope to buy in the next year or so}. every night i sleep sandwiched between the hubs and my furbaby with about 6 inches of wiggle room because i don't have the heart to move my sleeping kitty. {yes, i realize there is something seriously wrong with this picture}.
i love to travel, read, craft and cook {as long as i have a recipe to go by}.
i have a love for anything with lace, glitter, stripes or polka dots. 
i started blogging about a year ago and it was quite possibly one of the best decisions i've ever made {besides marrying that handsome hubs of mine, of course}. in the beginning i mainly wanted to document my every day life so i could remember the small things. but it has become SO much more than that. i have 'met' so many amazing people and now i seriously can't imagine life without it.
please stop by my blog sometime and say hello!
xoxo, lori

        Hey there! I'm Alyx and I blog over at Every Day is a New Adventure.
I'm currently in Germany working as a slave (known to some as an English teacher). My husband and I live in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. I don't have a cute blog full of recipes, or mushy gushy love stories or fashion, or crafts, so if that's what you're lookin' for... you're SOL (excuse my French). I do, however, share lots of funny stories, a bunch of random anecdotes, and thoughts that would probably be better left unsaid. I'm sure you're just dying to meet me... so what are you waiting for?? Click on over!

I'm also re-swapping with Shannon, Amira, and Christina
. . . so be sure to send them some love too!

If you are really in the mood for some good advice check out one of my favorite posts from Shannon here about braaave blogging!

Other blogs I'm crushin on at the time:


Lidiya said...

All of your sponsors sound so interesting <3

Chelsea said...

Aw yay! It's honestly kinda weird to see my face on your blog haha but I love it! I've also followed scribble smudge since like April of last year. Super crazy. Thanks for letting me sponsor!

Kelly - La Belle Coeur said...

Oh gosh, so many pretty and wonderful ladies!
I'm never going to get supper done at this rate...

I'm checking out each one as we speak.

I adore your blog!
Following now :)

Much love,

Amanda said...

I love finding new blogs!

Niina - It seems pretty obvious. said...

Thanks for the love :)

I have to check all these blogs out, it's always great to find new ones to read! :)

I hope you're having a lovely weekend!

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