Love Letters {to Mckinney}

Jan 13, 2015

Although we've only been official Mckinney residents for three months, we've already fallen in love with so many of it's wonderful features.
Aside from the fact that our little neighborhood is bursting at the seams with character and history, we are particularly fond of the local food and the kind people. 
I couldn't go much longer without including a few love notes to the food our city in my "love letters" series.
Also, you are not allowed to judge the fact that the majority of these affectionate notes are directed towards food. 
You were warned.

Dear Patina Green's brisket-on-a-biscuit (or B.O.B. if you wanna bro out with a sandwich like we often do),
You are the reason we moved to Mckinney.
Smoked cheddar biscuit. Local Wagyu brisket. Blackberry Jalapeno Jelly. 
I would move to North Korea if these bad boys were only served there.
 Dear ancient oak/pecan/sycamore? tree growing in our front yard,
Even though you have been tarnished by an unknown love-sick graffiti artist, you were the main thing I wanted in a neighborhood.
Trees older than my grandma. 
 Dear Mckinney Oktoberfest,
You have no idea how happy it makes Josh and I to live in a city that hosts a weekend of celebrations for beer (and has bars that make cheesy sausage jokes).
Dear "the square" (as the locals affectionately call it),
Although you are a bit more sophisticated and chill than our former home, "the shops", we still appreciate you (and the fact that you are within walking distance from our house).
You are the ultimate newlywed hipsters dream meal.
Local beer and local pizza.
BBQ brisket + bacon + goat cheese pizza, to be exact.
Dear most perfect neighborhood in America,
Your sidewalks, welcoming neighbors, and excessive squirrels are so very valued by our pups. 
 Dear Cafe Malaga,
You get the best patio award.
Thanks for serving tapas and encouraging "family style" meals.
These two girls do family style like no other.
 Dear Finch Park,
Even though I was told by a VERY reliable source you are home to many civil war ghosts, I don't mind putting on my big girl panties and enduring the torture of walking through this pretty darn cute park. 
Molly probably could use a ghost encounter or two though, right?
. . . to scare the devils out of her.
Dear strange local laws that allow chickens (but not roosters unless they are grandfathered in),
You've got us considering training the pups how to peacefully encourage egg laying, as opposed to the chicken massacre that we imagine they perform.
Aside from the fact that you still allow smoking inside, we will gladly wear dumpster bound clothes just so we can experience the magic that is your blueberry pancakes.
Greatest in the country, y'all. 
 Dear antique shops, boutiques, markets, and sweet treat shops that make up the square,
Thanks for existing.
You make marvelous days spent walking around town with friends absolutely marvelous-er.
We're talking to you, Emporium Pies, Missing Q Press, and Local Yocal.
 Dear Harvest,
You won us over with your "farm to table" concept and your rustic decor. 
The fact that you converted me from the queen deviled egg hater into a deviled egg lover is a feat in itself, but your eggs are also enough for us to declare you as our official favorite restaurant in town.
 You may have been voted one of the fifty best BBQ joints in the world, but you are number one of the fifty best BBQ joints of our hearts.
Double dates with new Mckinney friends over the world's best BBQ are the highlights of my week.
The mac and cheese though.
Good God.
Dear Christmas in Mckinney,
You've outdone yourself with your charm.
I couldn't have been more thankful to spend the best holiday in the best city with the best people.

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Leah said...

Looks like a wonderful place to live!! You always make me smile!! 😊

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