The Original Dashboard Diary [The Plan]

Apr 30, 2011

The initial post was titled The Plan
. . . which was our first mistake, making a plan.
Saturday April 30, 2011

Over three weeks, we plan on covering about 1,453,989,483,098,324,809,238 miles. 
Just kidding . . . only 5,485 miles. 
Which equals about a bazillion dollars in gas money thanks to our liberal government’s dependency on foreign oil . . . if we would just expand domestic drilling we could tap into enough oil in South Dakota alone to last us the next 200 years, creating more jobs in the process . . . don't even get me started on drilling in Alaska. 
Just kidding . . . Josh made me say all that, I dont really care about oil and politics . . . but gas is freakin expensive.
Anyways, here’s the map:

We’re headin out early Sunday morning to Havasupai Falls in the Granddddddddddd ‘ol Canyon for three days of hiking and camping (and dying because of how ridiculously out of shape we are . . . 10 miles of switchbacks=scary). 
The next stop is Sedona, AZ for the night . . . in a real life hotel with real life showers. 
The next destination is Los Angeles, but on the way we are going to stop by Salvation Mountain and visit with THE Leonard Knight (Into the Wild, anyone?) Personally, meeting Leonard is what I’m most looking forward to. 
The only plans we have for our three days in LA are the Fleet Foxes concert that Saturday night at the Palladium and then going to the Bowery afterwards . . . we’re definitely open to suggestions! Josh begged me to get us tickets for the Ricky Martin concert in LA that Friday but unfortunately they were sold out. On the way out of town, we’re gonna take Highway 1 up the California coast...making a small pit stop to see my PA school buddy Katie in Santa Barbara. 
    The next plan is to spend two days in Santa Cruz . . . hopefully we can squeeze in some surf lessons!
After Santa Cruz, we are headin to Yosemite for 4 days of camping, rock climbing, and a few day hikes. Next stop is wine country . . . 2 days in Santa Rosa! Santa Rosa is also known for their microbreweries...which Josh and Bart, being the professional brewers that they claim to be, are pretty darn excited about visiting. 
We’ll stop at 1000 Lakes Wilderness for a night in north California on the way to Jackson Hole, WY. We’ll be there for a few days climbing and visiting with our bud Nelson (I’m sad we will just miss seein Allie in JH by a few weeks) 
Depending on how long we hang out there, we may make a stop in Ft. Collins on the drive back. 
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