Honeymoonin' Iceland: The Blue Lagoon

Jan 3, 2013

One of the biggest attractions in Iceland is the blue lagoon geothermal spa.
To be honest, all the hype made us kinda have pretty low expectations.
We assumed it would be super crowded with tourists and have a waterpark vibe to it.
Thankfully, we were totally wrong.
It was actually really clean, nice, and large enough that we could relax in a cove off to ourselves without worrying about a crowd.
It was also very near the airport, so we made it a final stop before we took off to return to America on the last day of our trip.
It was such an awesome relaxing experience!
We opted out of the bazillion dollar spa package that we initially planned on getting (I mean just the entrance fee was about $40 a person)
Conveniently enough, they had little buckets laying around the perimeter of the lagoon filled with silica mud you could use as a mask, which Josh found hilarious.
I thought I did a good job at putting his mask on
 . . . until I saw the damage he did to my face.
Thank goodness for my awesome Lifeproof phone case.
I wasn't about to bring my DSLR into the lagoon and my waterproof iPhone case worked wonderfully!


A and B said...

ummm...that is the coolest thing ever! I want to go there asap!

Amanda k. said...

My boyfriend and I have thought about going to Iceland for a long time. Every now and then (this morning actually!) I get emails about travel deals to Iceland, and it's so tempting! the Blue Lagoon would definitely bo on my list of things to do. Looks like so much fun!

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