Tunes we love: Vampire Weekend

Nov 30, 2011

The video that ignited our Vampire Weekend obsession . . .
(The guys performed a little secret concert at Columbia University back in 2008)

I need Ezra's sweater.
They need to tour in America again before I go berserk.
Its so unfortunate that the Contra girl sued the boys (for 2 million!) for using her picture on the album.
Her face was pretty much plastered all over the world because it was the backdrop for their tour.
My favorite part of their show was when they gave her scary eyes.
. . . maybe I would sue as well.

Surviving PA School (So far)

Nov 29, 2011

Making it through general surgery last month marked the completion of six of our twelve required rotations.
In a way, I feel like we are kinda "over the hump" so I think I am capable of sharing some of the things that have helped me survive the past year and a half.

Now, I am most definitely not the ideal straight A student that everyone should strive to be like, but I do feel that I have managed to appropriately balance receiving a good education (aka passing my classes) with still having a little bit of fun (thus far!)
I decided early on that missing out on opportunities to spend time and make memories with my friends and family was not worth the difference between an A and a B.
Don't get me wrong, I study my butt off, I just don't let studying literally consume all my spare time.

Here are some things that have helped out the most along the way:

The most beneficial advice for surviving school came from dad.
We grew up always getting speeches about how attitude is everything.
The most powerful statement he made was "Happiness is a choice"
Not dwelling on the negative and tough things (as hard it may seem) is one of the keys to keeping a good attitude.

Jenna has had this verse on our fridge since Day 1 of school, and seeing it daily has been the biggest source of encouragement.
Keeping faith that God will take care of us no matter how strenuous the circumstances may seem always provides an unbelievable sense of peace.
I don't know how I could have survived all of this without my best friend, we are so lucky to be able to tackle this monster together!

During a particular night of distress, I literally googled "advice for surviving PA school".
I was led to one of the most helpful blogs around, written by a PA student from Texas, Tim.
(Josh and I got to meet him and his wife Emily last month!)
Tim has recently graduated (and he started working in orthopedic surgery), but he continues to write helpful posts for PAs and PA students all the time.
Click here to check out his blog, I highly encourage it!

PA school (or any grad school for that matter) only "ruins your social life" if you let it.
Prioritizing your study time definitely allows you to set aside spare time for fun things.
(Like flag football!)

Goof off! 
Don't take yourself (or school) toooooo seriously!
Remember you are paying for your education so enjoy it & get your moneys worth!
(I guess paying attention in class makes your money with it a little bit too)

Travel is a great motivation. 
Before school started, I was really upset about potentially losing the freedom (and the spare time and money) that I had in undergrad which allowed me to travel quite often.
With some extreme organizational skills and prioritizing studying (along with taking advantage of every single break available) I was able to continue our concerting and traveling.
I learned that I am really good at studying in the car and even on my phone! 
There's an app for that!
. . . seriously, a notecard app.
'twas amazing.
Throughout school so far I have been able to make time to go to Denver, Breckenridge, Cozumel/Jamaica/Grand Cayman, Chicago, New Orleans, Atlanta, and even Seattle (twice!)

Take advantage of all the awesome things you get to do.
When else in your life will you get to hold a brain???
. . . or use sutures to sew a crown on a mini sombrero headband?

Surrounding yourself with happy, positive people is key!
(even though an occasional vent fest with classmates is necessary from time to time!)

Getting 8 hours of sleep was crucial.
It was rare that Jenna and I got any less than 8 hours of sleep a night, regardless of any tests or early rotation hours the next day.
We may have lost some vital "cramming" time, but we were rarely overstressed, grumpy, or depressed.
(and we didn't managed to fail any tests either!)

It's hard to believe truly haw fast everything has gone by,
. . . al of a sudden, graduation doesn't seem that far away!
It's borderline terrifying.

Kathleen Edwards Take Away Show

Nov 28, 2011

Remember that time all our dreams came true and our minds were forever blown (we saw Bon Iver perform live in concert)?
Well all that mind blowage was preceded by his little girlfriend opening up the show.


How bout them Dawgs?

Tech won the WAC!
(In case your college football conference vocabulary only consists of an S and an E and a C, then I'll help ya out just this one time and tell ya that the WAC stands for the Western Athletic Conference)

. . . and this past weekend Louisiana Tech beat New Mexico State to win the WAC!
Not only did they win, but the 'ol bulldogs also got invited to play at the Poinsettia Bowl.
Not too shabby, Techsters!

It literally rained the entire game, which actually made the 44-0 blowout thaaaaaat much more fun.

Christmas card pic!
Tricked ya.

We really don't know him.

The greatest little sis in the world!

My other great little sis!

We successfully "stormed the field" (if you could even call it that).
Emphasis on the "successfully".
We learned a lot from Michaels failed field storming attempt in Oxford.

Perkins snapped this quick pic of us on ESPN!
Supposedly, Michael/Jesus was allllllllll over ESPN Saturday night.

Be sure to watch the Poinsettia Bowl on ESPN December 21 and cheer on the boys!

Big boy time

Nov 26, 2011

My scruffy beardman got a nice shave and a big boy grown man haircut this week.


Why would he ever do such a thing, you may ask.
He left today headin to Denver for a month to do a training program that will hopefully land him a pretty sweet job one day.
. . . all my fingers and toes are crossed.

Surprisingly, he didn't leave Charles behind either.

All that hair loss made for a sad week
. . . but he sure does look handsome!

This little Denver excursion gives me the perfect excuse to come visit and hopefully squeeze in some ski time!
Safe travels, boys . . . see ya in a few weeks!

I caved

Nov 25, 2011

For 24 years, I successfully avoided the madness that is Black Friday.
Until today.
I did it all in the name of saving $200 to buy Josh's Christmas present that he has been wanting his whooooole life.
(and I've never been more excited about a single purchase in my life!)
. . . and I refuse to do it ever again.

Now Josh, don't even waste your time trying to google that special order number.
(It's the phone number to the Scranton Times Federal Credit Union, seriously.)

One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is the leftovers . . .
My Thanksgiving masterpiece:
Mac-n-cheese-n-turkey sammy
(on a buttery homemade Grammy roll)

I'll be in hibernation the next few days with this food hangover and finishing the Hunger Games series, so catch ya later!

Ohhhhhh Thanksgiving

Nov 24, 2011

I'm never been much of a Thanksgiving fan.
Don't get me wrong, I am VERY thankful.
I'm just not that into turkey and dressing and vegetables.
I'm more of the plate-full-of-rolls-and-mac-and-cheese kinda gal.

To be honest, all I really want for Thanksgiving dinner is a dozen Sprinkles cranberry orange cupcakes that they create everything Thanksgiving.
(I think the secret is the real, huuuumongous, juicy cranberries!)

It's not really fair that they only exist for a week.

I just miiiiight have to make these Martha Stewart sweet potato cupcakes instead . . .
(Recipe here!)

I found some more sweet potato cupcake recipes here at and also here at
. . . I just can't quite pick my fav!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
(I'm oh so thankful for time away from rotations, which means lots of quality family time!)
Seeeee ya!

My bike, TOMS bikes, & Ron Paul bikes

Nov 23, 2011

Now that I'm not angry at the bike gods anymore, I'm back on the bike train.
Bike Train? Really brain? Lame.

(One of my fav instagrams!)

Anyways, I found these lovely little bike related videos.

Who says Ron Paul is too old to be President?

Oh you know, just a day at the office.
Sit back, relax, get a free TOMS limited edition bike.
 . . another reason to be bitter I don't work at TOMS.

Now get out, enjoy the fall weather, and ride!

Killing for the Crown

Nov 22, 2011

This past weekend we got together we celebrated Amy’s “Last Fling Before the Ring” by participating in a murder mystery dinner party thrown by her sister, mom, and aunt.

The theme was “Killing for the Crown” and we were each assigned a role as a contestant in the Miss America Pageant.
There were no scripts, we just were required to stay “in character” throughout the evening and follow up with various tasks we were given in order to solve the murder.
For example, one of my tasks was to go talk to Miss California about the grudge she was holding against Miss Texas (my step-sister who was only in the pageant to get a new car from our dear father).
. . . and we ate it up.

It was most definitely by far one of the funniest, most entertaining things I’ve ever taken part in.
I only wish we had a hidden camera that had documented some of the ridiculous things we said and did.
I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves . . .

The Bachelorette and I, and my failed attempt at a sombrero crown.

The food was SO GOOD.

Oh no!
Someone died!

Time for dessert!

Amy's sister Emily was the pageant coordinator.

The cosmos were fab!


Perkins receiving her award for being the best participator around!

Amy won best dressed!

. . . all the evidence!

Amy and the wonderful hostesses!

Now time for a night out on the town . . .

. . . and then Painting with a Twist lingerie shower on Sunday!

. . . what a fun filled weekend!
Almost time for Amy to get MARRIED!
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