NYC: Day 4

Jun 29, 2012

For our final day in the city, we started it off with a little fancy pancy breakfast at The Plaza.

The had Zapps at The Plaza!
Go Louisiana!

A midmorning walk through Central Park.

After being teased all week with advertisements for the "Creatures of Light" exhibit at the America Museum of Natural History, we finally gave in.
. . . and it was a major fail.
I just wanted to see that glow fish with the lightbulb hanging in front of his head from Finding Nemo, and all we got was a huge exhibit of plastic glow fish models.

. . . but hey, we did get to see Megasaur.
I don't know the real name of this dino, so I just call him Megasaur.

24 hour 365 days a year Apple Store!

Serendipity frozen hot chocolate!

One of the biggest surprises of the week, the play Peter and the Starcatcher!
Hiiiiiiighly highly highly recommended. 

See ya NYC!

NYC: Day 3

Jun 28, 2012

Starting off day 3?
Just another cannoli breakfast at Ferrara Bakery.

Ellie hipster outfit fit right in 

 Brooklyn bridge time!
It was under construction, but that didn't stop us from taking 438209483905809328 pics.

. . . like this

. . . and this

45 minute sweaty wait in the sun for Grimaldi's pizza.

Well worth it.

Soooo well worth it.

The gorgeous River Cafe.

. . . the pizza was followed by dessert at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

The cutest little sad boy I've ever seen in my life.

Gorgeous mom!

. . . and then somehow we magically stumbled into Magnolia Bakery

. . . and then came Rock of Ages!

Then I saw this sign.
Bring It On the Musical, Really?
I can't decide if I'm excited or not.

Fun Fact: Rock of Ages is the first Broadway musical to have waiters serving beer during the show

. . . and then we met our Louisiana buddy Joshua Ledet just walking around Times Square.
Two nights in a row.
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