Scatter brained

Mar 30, 2012

This week my brain has been in 32904832098439028 places.
School is nuts, Josh started working and moved to a new apartment, all my classmates are applying for jobs and interviewing and I haven't even begun nor do I know where I will be living.
 Oh and then I saw this:

Taylor Swift, this is why we aren't friends. 
I would want to punch you in the face every day because of your cool life.

Btw, today is my little sister Ellie's senior prom, and she recently took her senior pics and they kinda turned me into one big sappy ball of mush.
She's too young to be taking senior pictures and going to prom!
I just can't handle it.
Ellie's pictures were taken by the great Stephanie Davis, and if anyone in the Louisiana/Texas area needs a photographer I couldn't name a better one.
See more of her work here.
I will most definitely be using her one day (that is iffffff I ever have a need for a photographer in my life anytime soon)
Stephanie is an amazing photographer, but she also had a absolutely gorgeous model to work with:

This weekend Josh, my brother Michael, and two of our brave friends are heading to Dallas to do the Tough Mudder adventure challenge obstacle course race thingy.
You know, just a race through mud pits, fire, and 10,000 volt live wires. 
No big deal.
I really think Josh just wants to pretend like he's CT on MTV's Challenge, which is fine by me.
As for me, I paid $20 to be a spectator. 
(Yes, they charge to observe, odd?)
The race raises money for the Wounded Warrior Project andddd you get a free beer, so I approve.

Best news of all, I get to see this little 'ol pioneer dog today! Yayyyyy for the weekend!

On the Road with Kym & Em

Mar 29, 2012

Today I'm so excited to be collaborating with one of my newest all time favorite peeps in the world:
 Kym from Adventures of Kym & Dustin
(sometimes I like to think we are best friends separated a birth)
We both share an incredible love for travel, beer, our pups, and our men (in that order) so we thought it would be necessary to interview each other on our favorite topic um ever, Travel.
I can't wait for y'all to meet this sweet little lady, she's truly the greatest!
. . . below are my questions with Kym's answers.

On the Road with Kym & Em, commence!

1) Of course a camera is the most necessary travel essential (ranking right above your husband) but what else is currently at the top of your travel necessity list?
Good coffee is a necessity. I bring a French press or VIA and my tiny camp stove to heat water when we are driving through the country. It’s impossible to find a coffee shop in the middle of the Yukon and being a spoiled Seattle barista I become impossible to deal with when I don't have coffee. I also consider Dixie a travel necessity because she goes everywhere with us! The best part of my day is when we stop to take a break from driving to play with her.

2)Finding amazing food is always a huge priority on our trips, what is your favorite meal you have found in all your travels?
Mangoes in Hawaii!!! Dustin and I agree, we had a mango on the beach for breakfast every morning while we were camping on the Big Island. I have to warn you though, once you have a Hawaiian mango you will never be able to buy them from the grocery store ever again.

3) This is probably the worst question of all, but of all the cities you have called home (just the top three most amazing cities in America: Seattle, San luis Obispo, Jackson Hole, and Juneau. Tough life, I know) which is your favorite and why?
Jackson, Wyoming for sure! In the winter we were outside everyday working as guides and giving dogsled tours. In the summer we were in our garden, sitting in our hammock, fly fishing in the river by our house, hiking with the dog, and spending the evening by the bon fire. It was a perfect mountain life. We lived on a dirt road a few miles from a hot spring.

4) Show me your favorite travel pics! (OK no, this wins the worst question award cause it is probably impossible to pick just one, feel free to show me a million)

5) What are y'alls favorite travel blogs or travel websites?
I have started to really like Pinterest for travel ideas. Besides that I stick to reading blogs.
The Forgotten Compass is one of my favorites! Jessica was my co worker during my first year as a dogsled guide. She is an avid hiker looking for adventure and she can tell a good story!
 A few of my daily reads are-
Life of Something New 
Dashboard Diary- obviously!!!

6) It’s not a real road trip without good music, tell me your required tunes for the road!
This list could get really long... a few artists who’s music I could put on shuffle and be happy for hours are-
Breathe Owl Breathe, Mason Jennings, Jolie Holland, Neko Case, Bob Dylan, Zac Brown Band, and Trampled by Turtles-  
We also really like listening to podcasts and audiobooks because they keep us awake on long drives!

7) What’s the best travel advice you have ever been given?
The best advice so far has been- “Do it while your young!” The only problem with this advice is that we don’t plan to stop traveling when we get “old”.

8)What is currently topping your travel bucket list?
I really want to go to Machu Picchu, New Zealand, Japan, Costa Rica, Egypt, and Texas. I’ve never been to Texas or anywhere in the south so I’m really curious about it!
I think we are planning a Southern Road trip in late September! Cant wait!

9) It's not like y'all to settle in one place for so long! Where to next? 
Well, first were going to Alaska to work for the summer. In September we are free to roam. I’ve been thinking about Colorado, California, or back to Seattle. Seattle is awesome, I just miss sunny days! We are open for suggestions.

10)Totally unrelated to travel, but I’m pretty sure Charlie and Dixie are long lost best friends! Tell me why Dixie is the greatest pup in the world!
Yes, I think Dixie and Charlie would love each other! They could run around and eat powdered donuts together! Dixie is getting good at adapting to new situations. She doesn’t mind living on a glacier, flying in helicopters, she can climb trees taller than me, she also teaches us new tricks and we pretend we taught them to her. Having a dog makes life at least 98% funner!

Be sure to check out her blog to see her questions and my answers later today (and send her some love while you are there!)

This is why I love Josh . . .

Mar 28, 2012

Write that down. Pinterest it. Instagram it. Whatever you do with cool/inspirational quotes.

Josh officially started his real job yesterday and I couldn't be more proud!
I even received this picture of his newest business partner:

Unfortunately, now that Josh is officially an adult a businessman, that means no more dress up play time for him and Charles, right?
What a shame.

Officially Reunited in Auburn

Mar 27, 2012

Visiting Elizabeth in Auburn for her birthday weekend made for one of the most memorable trips of my life.
We spent 99% of the time laughing, and the other 1% was spent eating and touring the fantastic city of Auburn.
Sorry Louisiana Tech, I know I talked you up the other day but Auburn > LaTech.

Nothin says "Welcome to Alabama" like finding a tick on your butt two hours after jumping out of the car to take a darn picture with the Alabama sign.

Finally reunited!

Nothin like a king cake birthday cake straight from Nola.

Auburn grad school friends


Saturday morning: grand tour of Auburn by the greatest tour guides ever

Pipes gave us a fantastic Toomer's corner lecture about the silly ol trees.

Followed by some Toomer's fresh squeezed lemonade, which just so happens to be on the list of the top 10 most American things to do.

Followed by a heavenly meal at Momma G's.

Birthday dinner!

$2.95 birthday combo, comes with a disgusting dessert, Japanese song, and a picture (minus the song and the picture)

So bossy. So confused.


1. The greatest couple in America
2. Tales of the Toomer's trees
3. Toomer's famous lemonade
4. So American
5. Birthday girl
6. New best friends share drinks
7. Supper club happened (also on the top 10 most American things to do list)
8. Affliction overload. Gross.
9. My favorite people in the universe

Followed by a gorgeous drive home . . . 

I don't think I've laughed more in my entire life combined than I did this weekend.
I am 100% confident that these two girls are hands down the funniest people I know.
I couldn't be more blessed to have them in my life, and I look forward to our future adventures together! 


Mar 26, 2012

This morning I woke up and realized I've never gone this long without blogging and it makes me feel all weird inside.
Just so you know.

Due to lack of time (and sleep) upon my arrival home from the greatest weekend of all time in the magical city of Auburn, I give you a taste of our humor.

Random number texts make my life complete:

This is why we are best friends.

Auburn weekend recap coming tomorrow, I promise.
I must return to a functioning state in order to blog the events of this weekend appropriately.

Today is the BEST day

Mar 23, 2012

It is a FANTASTIC day because . . .
1) Today marks the end of our 10th rotation! TWO MORE! 
2) As of yesterday Josh is officially employed as a surgical sales rep in Dallas! 
I couldn't be more proud of him and I'm thrilled to see all his hard work finally pay off!
He finally gets to do what he's been dying to do.

. . . but THE most important thing about today is:
It is one of my oldest and closest friend's 24th birthday! 
(You may recognize Liz from our little rock climbing adventure at Lake Possum Kingdom)
(I tried my hardest to find a pre-school pic, but I failed, senior prom will do)

I have been blessed to have grown up with Elizabeth and we have been classmates from pre-school all the way to our senior year.
Even though we parted ways for college, we have always remained close.
(She went to LSU for undergrad and she's currently at Auburn for grad school and we have YET to go visit her)

I am joining Nicole (our other partner in crime) for a trip to Auburn this weekend to spend some quality time with the birthday girl!

I am SO unbelievably blessed to have had these girls in my life!
Memory lane time:

Our first night out in Ruston as official college students.

Another night out in Ruston, as older college students.

LSU vs. LaTech game


Nicole's graduation

Our last reunion.

Happy Birthday Lizzy! 
You are THE smartest, bravest, most entertaining and witty girl I know!
I'm so lucky to have you in my life, and I love you sooooo much.
Can't wait to spend the weekend with you in Auburn country!

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