Totally Terrific Tuneday: The SIlent Comedy

Sep 30, 2011

This is a band I came across about a year ago called The Silent Comedy.
I believe that behind most great bands there is . . . a mighty mustache.
These boys are proof.
Expect these guys to be huge one day.
They played the Dave Matthews Band Caravan at the Gorge this year, so you know they can't be too bad, huh?
They mostly just play around the California area, so if you are over that way you should definitely check them out!

My song choice:

Em's song choice:

The Mondo Diet

Sep 29, 2011

I had a patient come in this week informing my supervising physician and I that he had lost 45 pounds in a month.
When we asked how he accomplished that he said we would never believe him if he tried.
He told us that he started a new diet called "The Mondo Diet"
My jaw dropped to the floor.
I immediately thought I didn't hear him correctly, but as soon as he started his explanation it all made sense.
He had been replacing all his Coke's with Mondos.
Yes, thats right.

The great Kool-Aid Jammer knock off of the 90's.

The Mondo.

I immediately wondered where in the world he was finding Mondos, and why I had no idea they still existed.
Maybe he had been hoarding them for Y2K?

So, where'd he find them, you may be wondering?
The dollar store.
Now go out and getcha some.
. . . and while you're there grab some Dunkaroos.
For real, that's the only place you can find them.

I in no way endorse "The Mondo Diet" as a heathy means of losing weight, even though they are only 20 calories per drink.
But my roommate, Trish the [almost] nuTRISHionist says that changed your drinking habits (substituting soda & alcohol for more water) is one of the best ways to lose weight!

It's gonna be a goooood month

Sep 28, 2011

Yesterday was my first day in the ortho surg operating room, and I nearly lost my marbles when the surgeon plugged up his iPod and played an Amos Lee playlist for the first surgery of the day.

This month might just turn out to be AWESOME.

Bonus points: Amos Lee has toured with Bob Dylan and Dave Matthews.
Minus points: He performed at a voting rally for Obama in 2008.

Just sayinnnn.
Ya win some, ya lose some.

Home + Crawfish Pie Recipe

Sep 27, 2011

Thanks to having my family medicine rotation placed in a "rural' location I was privileged to spend this past month living back with my parents in my hometown.

I got to spend lots and lots of quality time with the fam, and even more quality time with good food!

Thanks dad for having warm coffee ready for me every morning, and thanks Ellie for keeping me entertained with your sleep talking (and sleep cheering!)

. . . but most of the thanks goes to Mom for all the amazing eats!

I may be 23 but I'll never be too old for Mickey Mouse pancakes . . .

Homemade mac & cheese is by far the greatest side dish known to man.

When Ellie and I weren't sitting around eating cheese, we were making treats.
My favorite dessert we made was some mind blowing cake batter blondies.
(Thanks to a recipe from Gracie @ GirlMeetsLife)

. . . but my favorite meal of all was mom's Crawfish Pie.

She took her friend's recipe for crawfish casserole, made a few changes, and put it in a pie crust.
. . . and it was deeeeeeeelightful.

Thankfully, she made the pies again for the Homecoming Court luncheon and documented the process with her phone.

What ya need:

2 cups brown or white rice
1 stick of real butter
Pie crust (more power to ya if you make it from scrizatch)
Tony Chachere seasoning
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 bag of frozen onion/bell pepper mix 
1 package of 8 oz cream cheese
1 pkg crawfish tails 
(we just went out back der and caught dem wit our burrrrr hands in de yard)
Wal-Mart, frozen food section, stat.

Saute the vegetables in the butter, then add the crawfish tails for a few minutes.
Next, add the soup and cream cheese, and season with Tony's (however much you feel necessary).

Combine with 2 cups of regular or brown rice (already cooked)

Then pour it all in the pie crust and bake at 350 for 30-45 minutes until the crust is brown. 

Mmmmmm mmmmmmmm heaven

I sure do miss being home, but being reunited in the apartment with all three roomies this month for the first time is pretty exciting too!

This weekend, Freshman Year Style

Sep 26, 2011

Josh & I got to spend this past weekend with two of our closest friends, Jennifer & Bart.
The four of us spent the majority of our college years together . . . minus a year or two here and there.
(cough, cough, Bart)

Josh had no clue Bart was coming, so he was pretty stunned to open my car door and find this individual sitting there.
Bart was pretty excited about bringing Josh some of his beer he had been brewing, and told Josh that "his surprise brought him a surprise".

We spent most of the weekend either laughing til we cried or eating.
We are so blessed with these amazing friends, and I was very thankful to be able to enjoy another relaxing weekend (not studying) with some of my favorite people!

Who was on team JB or team JE?
Misleading, huh?

After Jennifer & I spent most of Saturday checking out the new H&M, we made a quick trip to Spranks to try out the new German chocolate cupcake.
Too bad I only got to eat one of those three . . .

. . . thanks to a particular little monster I know.

 We also bought the last pack of Dogfish Head's seasonal Punkin Ale in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex.
. . . so we were told by the kind liquor store man.
For the record, I'm not a pumpkin fan, but that beer was pretty dang good.

Jennifer & I also got to try out the Skinny Girl drinks too.
. . . I know we're jumpin on that train a little late.

Saturday night we got to enjoy the cooler weather on the porch of The Ginger Man for their Oktoberfest celebration.
71 beers on tap! 

While Josh was working Sunday, Jennifer & I took Charlie to play at the nature preserve.

Then we treated ourselves with yogurt.
. . . pink lemonade sorbet with strawberry boba balls and kiwi to be exact.

. . . and then I had to say goodbye to this adorable little face.
(as well as Josh's adorable, beardless, working man face)

The man in the red bandana

Sep 24, 2011

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

Ross (Josh's cousin) sent me the link to this video this past week telling me that it was the best 9/11 story.
Grab the tissues peeps.

Brewsday: Sweetwater Brewing Co.

Sep 23, 2011

We came across the Sweetwater Brewery after my parents moved to Woodstock, Ga last year. 
On our first trip up there, naturally the first thing we did was google breweries near Woodstock. Sweetwater happened to be nearby, so we made plans to do a brewery tour. Out of all the breweries we've been to, it's by far one of our favorites.

Sweetwater was started by two old college buddies Freddie Bensch and Kevin McNerney in Boulder, Co. They realized that they liked brewing more than books and got jobs washing kegs at a local brewery for free beer. After they graduated they decided instead of getting real jobs they would move out west and attend the American Brewers Guild in California. They worked a while at local breweries and finally decided that the Atlanta area was the perfect location for a west coast style brewery. It was then that Sweetwater Brewing Co. was born.

The tour only cost $7 and you got a 7 tickets with a pretty cool fancy Sweetwater glass. Each of those tickets allowed you to get a full glass of any beer on tap.
A full glass!
Anyone in the Atlanta area lookin for a cheap first date?? 

Bartender photo bomb.

During the tour, the guide told us about his favorite beer "Happy Ending" Imperial Stout which is best served once it has aged a few years. 
We bought a few bottle to save up for this coming New Year's Eve, as well as the next one.

Dank Tank might possibly be the coolest thing of all the cool things Sweetwater has to offer.
It's a series of rarely released randomness that is never the same beer. The brewers develop a new batch every few months, it's kinda their chance to get creative and come up with something crazy. Our favorite beer from the Dank Tank that we have got to try so far is the Border Hopper Double IPA. It is 8.6% alcohol and delicious. Kinda grapefruity and citrusy and delicious.


I don't care what you say, Taylor Swift is the greatest

Sep 22, 2011

To be honest, Ellie and I kinda forgot about this concert until this past weekend.
We bought the tickets forevvvvvvver ago, and it all just kinda slipped our minds.

If I could describe the show in one word it would be dramatic.
It was like 50% Crique du Soliel and 50% Glee.

. . . which was awesome. 
I can't even try to act all hard and lie.
She's about as good as they come.
You really can't hate her.
I realize she probably says the same exact lines to every audience at every show, but I don't care.
She loved Bossier City Tuesday night and Bossier City loved her too.

Picture overload!

We fell in love with Bo from Needtobreathe.
(He's the one who wrote the awesommmmmmme song "Something Beautiful")

Look at Taylor being all sassy and popping out of the stage.

Crazy firework finger girls.

This guy came out to dance in between set & costume changes.
He reminded us of the Broadway show "Stomp"

Rockin the banjo.
"Mean" was one of our favorites of the show.
I think I just like songs that require you to stomp, which is probably why I'm in love with the Avett Brothers live shows.
Lots of stompage.
(3 more weeks!!)

Notice the goat.
The weird little goat on wheels.

A random bridge came down with violinists.

Lots of hair swinging.
Taylor Swift swings her hair? What?

Then there was a whole little wedding scene for the song "Speak Now"

Then she went to the back of the arena, sat down by a lit up tree, and played her ukelele.

Pretty chill & sad . . . until the tree lit up purple and gold.
Looks like someone is a tiger fan.

Then there was a really good ballerina 
(en pointe!)

It was all pretty and wintery and magical, then it turned dark and scary and she played Haunted.
Appropriate I guess.
Notice the dancer people hanging from the bells.

Then she got all cute, popped out of the stage again, and looked around the room some more and was all like "yall are here for meeee??"

. . . and then she sang "Fifteen" and I teared up.
ONLY because it has always reminded me of Ellie.
(Because it first came out when Ellie was fifteen, and I cry about everything)
I also have a similar reaction to Brad Paisley's "Letter to Me" because it reminds me of Michael.
I need to get my tear ducts surgically removed.

. . . and then she just floated away on a balcony cage thing.

See? I told ya it was Cirque du Soleil!

Since Taylor was in Louisiana, she covered "Lucky" by the queen of Louisiana, B. Spears.
She is just SO darn cute.
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