Monday's Letters

Jun 30, 2013

Dear wi-fi,
It was terribly rude of you to crap out of 48 hours last week.
You kinda put a kink into Friday's letters, so instead I now present . . .
Monday's Letters!

Dear first summer in Texas,
Bring it on.
If we survived 106 degrees on Friday, I'm fairly certain we can survive anything.
Charlie managed quite nicely.
 Dear apartment complex,
Quit being so darn nice and giving us free things all the time.
It really makes it a challenge to avoid gluten and sugar. 
. . . and I'm not good at passing up anything free.
I love that you featured our engagement pictures last week!
I can't get enough of Stephanie Davis's incredible photography skills.
Dear Whiskey Cake,
I'm overjoyed y'all have a sister restaurant coming to a location even closer to our apartment.
I promise we won't neglect you, but you need to promise to make elvis cupcakes and chocolate covered bacon more often.

Dear homemade popsicles,
One day I will master you.
Still working on it.
Dear Charles, 
I know you have had enough of me taking your picture, but charging the camera is not the appropriate way to handle your anger.

Dear Josh,
You are hot.

Tunesday: Josh covers Avett Brothers "November Blue"

Jun 27, 2013 of my favorite of Josh's covers.
Do I say that everytime?
This one is from about a year ago, but I made it into an mp3 and put it on my iPod. 
#1 fan.
Try to hold out until the 5 minute 14 second mark, its most definitely the highlight.

Brewsday: Deep Ellum Brewing Company

Jun 26, 2013

For Josh's birthday, we were finally able to visit the Deep Ellum Brewing Company.
This was one of the first free weekends we had in Dallas where I wasn't on call, so we took full advantage of our time.
The brewery offers tours every Thursday and Saturday, and while we were there they also had live music and the Easy Slider food truck!
(Which, coincidentally has been topping our list of places to eat around Dallas)
The tour was only $10, which got you a pint glass and three beer tickets.
I had the Dallas Blonde and Farmhouse Wit, and Josh tried the IPA, Rye Pilsner, and also a Double Bourbon IPA.
Despite the lovely Texas heat, it was a beautiful day in the city for awesome beer and great food.
We had an absolute blast at the brewery, and we are already planning to return!
Josh loves catching photos of me in my most attractive moments.
The Easy Slider homemade salted caramels are phenomenal.
Find them, now.
Oh the sliders are pretty ridic too.
To see more of our brewery adventures around the country click here!

Josh's 26th Birthday Celebration(s)

Jun 24, 2013

Last week was Josh's birthday.
I wanted to let him know how much he is loved and appreciated, so I turned his birth day into a birth week.
Truthfully, the day of his birthday I planned to have the morning off from work. I wanted us to be able to sleep in and then I was hoping to surprise him with breakfast.
Well work has a tendency to not let things happen as planned (plus I was on call) so needless to say Josh's birthday morning and rest and breakfast in bed didn't happen.
That night I didn't get home from work until 7pm.
I felt so bad about it, that I figured the only way I could make his birthday not suck would be to give him an entire week of celebrations.
I tried to have something fun planned for each night (along with taking on the task of cooking dinner and cleaning the dishes myself while he rested on the couch, deservingly)
Monday night I made gluten free blueberry pancakes and candied bacon for dinner.
You just can't go wrong with breakfast for dinner!
Tuesday night we watched the NBA playoff game and Josh got to eat his favorite meal:
Wednesday night was bingo at The GingerMan.
We actually both lost, for the first time ever.
Thursday afternoon we brought Charlie to the nature preserve, and managed to find waterfall.
Yes, thats right.
Plano, Texas has a waterfall.
My mind is still blown.
Also, my mind is still blown that Henry's Tavern was selling each one of their 100 beers on tap for a penny each all week.
Usually their beers run from $7-$10 each, so having a tab under 10 cents was mind blowing.
Friday night, we celebrated the summer solstice in the pool!
Saturday, we finally got to experience the Deep Ellum Brewery!
We've been wanting to go on their brewery tour for a while now, and this was actually the first weekend we stayed in Dallas that I wasn't on call.
. . . another post about this coming soon!
Sunday, we went to church, Josh picked out a new bike (no roomba for us!) and then we got to try out the iPic movie theater, which was a blast.
Watching a movie, which eating dinner, drinking a beer, and sitting in a huge cozy leather seat with a pillow and a blanket is definitely the way to do it!

As much as this week wore me out, I loved having the opportunity to spoil this awesome man of mine!
I'm so thankful to have him in my life, and I pray to God our future kiddos have at least an ounce of his looks, and laid-back, happy spirit.
I love you Josh!

A travel teaser

Jun 20, 2013 posts coming soon:
Kayaking the Nantahala
NYC for Governor's Ball Music Festival
Grand Cayman for my best friend's wedding
Stay Tuned! 

Tunesday: Volcano Choir

Jun 19, 2013

Thank you Jesus for letting Volcano Choir release another album.
We are counting down the days until their second albums arrival on September 3.

Thankfully, iTunes is letting you receive a copy of the song featured in this trailer if you pre-order their cd.
Don’t think, just do it.
(P.S. In case you aren't convinced or have never heard of Volcano Choir, it's another one of Justin Vernon's side projects.)

Birthdays, birthdays, & more birthdays ...and a wedding

Jun 17, 2013

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.
The last few days have been madness.
All my traveling (plus a monstrous sunburn) have finally caught up to me and I'm worn slap out.

Last weekend I helped my mom celebrate her 50th birthday.
There's no way I will ever believe for a second that this woman is truly 50. 
Also, we celebrated my dad's birthday (as well as Father's Day)
I'm fairly certain I couldn't have been raised by a better man.
Also, this little boy turned 26.
Siyonara health insurance.
I had the best intentions of waking up to make him gluten free blueberry pancakes this morning, but work put a bit of a kink into things so we had birthday breakfast for dinner instead!
. . . and he was not complaining.
Let the birthday week celebrations commence.
. . . and one of my best friends just got married!
We are such adults.
It is still hard to wrap my head around the fact that we are even old enough to be married.
Times like these make me so thankful for all the incredible people I am surrounded by!
 Once I catch up on work, sleep, and aloe vera rubdowns I'll have plenty of blog posts coming your way :)

Our afternoon in the cutest city in the south: Chattanooga

Jun 12, 2013

Two weekends ago (jeeeez, where has the time gone? sorry for the neglect little blog world) Josh & I headed east (with Charles in tow, of course)
Josh's dad and step-mother live in north Georgia. We made the drive from Dallas to spend the weekend with them, and we also got to explore some nearby cities. 
Our first stop we made was Chattanooga.
Before Josh found a job in Dallas, he applied for a few in Chattanooga (even though neither of us had ever been there before) because Outside magazine labeled it as one of the best cities to live.
After our afternoon in the city we would highly agree.
Chattanooga now rivals Seattle as our favorite city in America.
It was such a cute, friendly city nestled in the mountains with the gorgeous Tennessee river running through it.
We started the day off with lunch at Food Works (pet friendly!) and had some local beer and bleu cheese sweet potato chips.
The meal plus perfect weather on a patio made for a fantastic first impression of this city.
We walked along the river and found a park with a fountain.
We weren't sure if dogs were allowed in the fountain, but Charlie sure made himself at home amongst the kiddos.
He wasn't afraid to hop in the river either.
How freakin cute are they?
Let the Josh and Charlie photo shoot commence . . . 
Josh opted for ice cream from Clumpies for dessert.
LOVE that name. 
I opted for cupcakes (duh)
The most magical lemon blueberry cupcake, to be exact.
Have I mentioned this is the cutest city in the south?
. . . and this is the cutest pup in the south?
Charlie was quite the worn out pup after this little vacay.
Who sleeps on the gear shift?
More posts coming soon, as well as posts about our weekend in NYC for the Governor's Ball music festival.
I'm headed to Grand Cayman for the rest of the week for Jenna's wedding!
I'm kinda getting excited about the lack of cell phone service I'll be having over the next few days.
Technology detox!
See 'y'all soon! 

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