Friday's Letters

Mar 29, 2013

Dear sweet patient of mine,
On one of my toughest days of work thus far, I came back to the office after surgery to find tulips and a sweet note from you letting me know that God placed me in the perfect job.
Dear God,
Thank you for providing me with the patience to wait for the perfect job (and for a sweet husband who let me take my time)

Dear HopDoddy,
I'm SO unbelievably pumped you opened a Dallas location!
. . . and that you have gluten free buns!
I've been having ahi tuna burger dreams for nearly a year now.
Dear Josh,
I think you set the record for most hipster things in one photo.
Dear Pioneer Woman, 
Your iced coffee recipe has basically made me the happiest camper in America.
Dear Monkey,
I'm glad you got to celebrate your 25th in Vegas, then we got to re-celebrate in Dallas (Whiskey Cake style, duh)
Dear Whole Foods,
What made you think a cardboard straw was a good idea?
Even though it is stinkin' cute, the floppy/soggy factor about caused me to lose my marbles.
Dear Josh (again)
Just when I thought you couldn't possibly get any more talented, you go a doodle some pretty awesome cartoons of our friends.
Are y'all sick of me gushing over Josh yet?
Dear so very loyal readers,
I'm so very excited to announce that I'll be having Dashboard Diary's first giveaway next week!
Be on the look out next week for my post about it so you can enter!
Happy Goooooooooood Friday and Happy Easter y'all!

Tunesday: Another cover song by the one and only

Mar 27, 2013

It's quite the challenge to get this kiddo to let me post videos of him singing online.
. . . but after being on call the other night at at the ER for 5 hours, I came home to another good'n from my sweet little husband.
(He only records himself when I'm not home, so I'll take that as a hint to just shop more or something, ya know, for the sake of good music)
This one gave me chills and brought a few tears to my eyes.

Since he was SO awesome and let me post two whole videos of him singing last week, I bought him a ukelele.
. . . and even though he had never touched one before Saturday, as soon as he picked it up he was already strumming away like he had been playing for years.
He's not human.
Fingers crossed for more tunes coming soon.
Go here to go to his youtube channel!

Honeymoonin' Iceland: Reykjavik

Mar 26, 2013

Well, here is the final post in our honeymoon series (4 months later) 
. . . to catch up on previous posts, you can go here.

We spent most of our time in Iceland in the capital city of Reykjavik.
There was plenty to do with all the nightlife, and thank goodness we encountered plenty of sunny days because it made for some gorgeous photos!
The view from our hostel was perfect! 
Lobster soup!
. . . drooling just thinking about it
There were plenty of awesome boutiques and coffee shops, but we really fell in love with all the record stores.
The city was so quirky with all of the random artwork here and there.
Another little gem we came across was this precious violin shop.
We weren't ever quite sure if it was a reaaaaal violin shop or just a pretend one for display.
It just looked too perfectly cute.
The gorgeous Hallgrimskirkja church was in walking distance from the main shopping strip and both of our hotels we stayed at.
I believe it cost $7 a person to go to the top of the church (which all money was considered a donation going directly to the church, so we didn't mind the small fee)
The view was incredible!
I would definitely make sure that you go on a clear day.
We truly loved the port, and it made for some of our favorite pictures from the trip.
. . . anddddddd we already decided we are going back.

Our Wedding {Projects}

Mar 24, 2013

Other than our major wedding arch project we tackled, I was also busy working on plenty of other projects throughout the preparation process.
For our reserved seat markers I bought some $1 frames from Michaels and hot glued moss to the edges and tied some lace ribbon to the top.
My map/hymnal project made its debut also! 
I also worked hard on converting some of our favorite pictures into polaroids and printing them at home (which was actually super easy and cheap!)
I taped them onto an old window frame with some cute washi tape!

Here are some of the other wedding projects I’ve already blogged about . . . 
We used an old hymnal to make cones which held the rose petals for our exit.
Mom and I made homemade salsa and peach jelly as hostess gifts for our showers.

Probably my favorite "handmade" detail of our wedding was our invitation.
We had an artist hand draw our invitations and map, and then my mom printed each and every envelope herself!
The original piece of artwork used to make the invitation now hangs in our living room

Fridays Letters

Mar 22, 2013

Dear Louisiana,
I had a fantastic weekend and I kinda miss you.
Dear Dallas sun,
You should come out to play more.
I'm pale.
Dear Charlie,
Thanks for protecting us from the ever threatening rabbit.
Dear Mrs. Laura,
Silly cards make me happy.
. . . especially sweet cards with Charlie's long eared twin brother on the front.
Dear wedding video,
Since you took 4 months to get created I learned a valuable lesson regarding patience.
. . . but the stress I endured that the music was going to be unbearable about did me in.
Thank goodness for no Rascal Flats or Nickleback. 
Dear everyone in the entire world,
Watch this.
How did I get lucky enough to be able to marry him?
Major kudos to Josh for being so brave this week.
Next step, encouraging him to record an original song.
It's gonna happen.
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