A Home

Oct 14, 2014

We own a house.
A real live house with real live walls and a real live mortgage.
The process has been the most exciting yet the most terrifying thing of our lives.
I sincerely apologize for the lack of blogging, but I also don't feel thaaaattt bad about it.
Moving/getting settled/decorating/resting/taking it all in is quite a consuming process.
We've had such a great time turning our house into a cozy little home (minus that whole installing your own kitchen hardware thing) and we've already received SO much love from our friends and family and our new neighbors.
Most of all, we are thrilled to have space for the pups to run and play and also space for us to fit an actual king sized bed.
We truly love our new home in our new town, after all it is the number one city to live in the country.
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