Our first place

Nov 23, 2014

This past weekend we finally cleaned out our apartment and turned in the keys.
(Yes, you are good at math, we paid rent for two months without living there. It's ok, our house note doesn't start until December. The timing worked out perfectly.)
I honestly expected to be pretty sad about leaving this place but when it came down to it, I wasn't sad at all.
We made tons of memories in our teensy little apartment throughout our first two years of being married. 
Here are a few of those memories that stick out the most: 
Moving in (and letting Charlie experience a "yard" for the first time).
Setting up our first Christmas tree (before I even officially moved in/before we were married)
Saving the Christmas tree for marriage? 
Not us.
Josh's strange obsession with dry ice made for probably my favorite memory. 
Our first home cooked meal.
Coming home to see this guy patiently waiting at the door . . . 
That time we couldn't quite understand why Charlie had lost his mind but then realized we had a bunny roommate for three days. 
The pool dates with this little stud. 
The teensy yard with all the friendly neighbors and drunk people passing by after a long day at the pool.
Remember that time someone asked why Molly and Rufio, the neighbor pup, were named after drugs?
That time it was 112 degrees so we were forced to all swim in The Shops at Legacy fountain.
The multiple times building forts and playing hide and go seek with the pups.
I feel weird acknowledging that. 
Our weekly rounds of GingeMan Bingo.
Halloween and all of our ummmm creative costumes (and the lack of trick or treaters)
Enduring our first ice storm (and our second and third and fourth)
Having a white Christmas wasn't much to complain about though . . . 
Lots of late night "recording sessions" 
Some that never made their way to YouTube, and some that did.
. . . that time Josh worked on preparing steaks for 24 hours only to end up in the ER.
Lots of it. 
Brewing beer (in the guest bathroom?)
How's that for sanitary?
Adding Molly to the mix definitely enhanced our desire for a bigger place (and a king size bed).
Sayonara first place.
We will and won't miss you, but we mostly won't.
Don't you worry though, I did save a key for a very Pinterest-y project.
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