2012 Recap

Dec 31, 2012

2012 was quite good to us.
I'm sad to see it go.

Some highlights:
We helped our hometown raise 1 million dollars for St. Jude
(The most money per capita in the world!)
We got engaged anddddd married!
We also won the Texas Wedding Guide's engagement photo contest (thanks to Charlie)
 My sister graduated from high school as valedictorian, my brother graduated from college, and I graduated from Physician Assistant School!
 . . . and we did quite a bit of traveling.

 I finally got to experience Newsies on Broadway!
 Charlie learned how to kayak on our camping trip to the Buffalo River.
We also did some fishin in the gulf.
 Michael, Ellie, Josh and I headed back to Chicago for Lollapalooza.
 Jennifer and I went to Jackson Hole to visit Allie.
 We made another road trip to Auburn.
 Went baaaack to Chicago with my PA classmates for a board review course.
Vegas for my bachelorette party!!
 Charlottesville, VA for Dave Matthews and Lumineers concert (and a pit stop at Dave's vineyard!)
 . . . and our honeymoon in Iceland of course!
. . . and now we are getting settled in our new apartment and adjusting to married life.
Having a boy roommate (well two) is quite the adventure.
I pray 2013 brings us as much happiness as this last year.
. . . and y'all too! 
Happy New Year guys.
Thanks for all the blog love over the past year and a half, I'm so thankful for each and every one of you!

Christmas Recap

Dec 28, 2012

Our first Christmas as a married couple was jam packed full of tons of quality family time, lots of driving across Texas and Louisiana, and some snow!
It was tough to leave our little neighborhood during Christmas time, aren't the lights gorgeous?
. . . my sweet little cousin Ethan, the cutest kid known to man.
Family photo!
My cousin Allison let us stay at her new home (so Charlie can play in their fenced in yard with their sweet pups)
Aren't their stockings THE cutest?
The boys helped prepare oysters for our annual seafood Christmas dinner.
Rats in boots.
. . . and Christmas night, Josh came back to Plano to a home covered in snow!
Our first married Christmas truly was one to remember! 
We hope everyone had a magical holiday season filled with lots of quality family time.
P.S. Happy late birthday Jesus.

It's that time of year again...

Dec 24, 2012

Due to the recent events (marriage, moving, job hunting) I've been slacking on the whole festive blog post thing.
. . . we do have a pretty awesome Christmas tree though
. . . but here are some of my favorite Christmas blog posts from last year:
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

Better late than never

Dec 21, 2012

Because it took us a while to get our wedding pictures back, I ultimately decided to pass on making a Christmas card from Josh and I this year.
. . . and then at last minute I was peer pressured into it.
So ultimately, I ordered one from Wal-Mart's one hour photo, and I am oh so ashamed.
. . . but it kinda turned out cute.
Merry Christmas y'all!

I've been looking forward to today for a whoooooooole year.
No Mayans, I'm not talking to you.
Today is the day This is 40 comes out!!!!
Happy Friday!

Gettin' crafty with a vintage hymnal

Dec 20, 2012

One of my many pre-wedding projects involved this old vintage hymnal I found at a local thrift shop.
There's just something about an old tattered book and music notes than makes me happy.
I made about 100 of the pages into cones for our wedding guests to hold dried rose petals during the ceremony.

. . . and then I used the scraps from the hymnal for this project (that I posted about here), which was also put on display at the wedding and is now in our bedroom.

P.S. We finally got our wedding pictures back from the photographer, so prepare yourselves for 390480918350942835098234 wedding posts over the next few weeks.

A little weekend getaway to Charlottesville

Dec 19, 2012

My brother gave Josh and I tickets to see Dave Matthews and The Lumineers play in Charlottesville as a birthday/wedding gift (isn't he THE greatest?)
We decided to make a weekend of the trip, because we absolutely love Charlottesville.
Our friends Nicole and Bart joined us, because it was Nicole's birthday weekend as well.
We spent the afternoon before the show doing a wine tasting at Dave Matthews vineyard, which was wonderful.
The show was incredible and the city was amazing.
We had such a fun weekend!
 Photo courtesy of Southern Shutter Photography.
We met the Lumineers!
. . . and by "met the Lumineers" I mean we walked by a table they were sitting at with an incredibly long line and snapped a few pics of them.
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