Friday's Letters

Jan 31, 2014

Dear Dad,
Thanks for shipping me the greatest cake of all time: a king cake from Julie Anne's Bakery.
I'm glad you understand that Texas is a bottomless pit of terrible king cakery. 
Dear salespeople of Whole Foods, 
Do I have a sign on my forehead that says "Talk to this girl she will buy whatever you tell her to"?
I may be a sucker, but both of these items have been my crack lately.
P.S. Chia seeds deserve a high five for giving me flashbacks to my favorite drink of the 90s: Orbitz
Dear Josh,
You are so very welcome for being the best wife ever and driving you a total of 8+ hours in one day while you took shots of liquid courage in order to do something very brave last weekend.
Dear chicken salad,
I've never been a fan of you until we ran out of ingredients for dinner and I was too lazy to go to the grocery store.
The combination of shredded chicken, avocado, greek yogurt, and Tony Cachere's is our new staple.
Dear Josh again,
You are pretty hot in your stunna shades and your scruffy scruff.
Dear Charlie, 
You are pretty rude.
Dear huge forehead/double chin camera angle,
You are Josh's favorite thing in America.
Dear ACL reconstruction videos,
Thanks to the fact that Modern Family was a re-run this week, we got to watch you.
All. Night. Long.
Dear Slutty Charles,
Go home, you're drunk.
Dear anyone taking the time to read today's silly post,
My hometown of 20,000 people has raised over $11 million for St. Judes in the last 9 years with our annual auction.
Help us raise money for a cure this year by buying raffle tickets on some of these great items:
Visit anytime this weekend to get your tickets.
Visit this blog post to learn more about the annual auction.
(or watch this video if you need a good cry today)

Happy Friday Folks :)

Tunesday: Typhoon {A Take Away Show}

Jan 29, 2014

This band provided the soundtrack for our anniversary trip to Portland (appropriately so, because they are locals and we were able to see them perform while we were there).
We briefly heard them at the Sasquatch Music Festival at The Gorge in 2011, but we really fell in love with them after seeing them perform live in Portland.
Over the last few months their songs have been on repeat non-stop in our cars, on our record player, and our desktop and I'm not even close to being sick of it.
Similar to the feeling you get when you hear your wedding first dance song, we can't hear their songs without having flashbacks to the joy experienced driving alongside the Columbia River surrounded by the waterfalls and mountains of Oregon.
The songs in this video are a few years old, but their newest album White Lighter is definitely worth a measely $9.99 iTunes purchase. 

The poor newlywed's gift tradition

Jan 28, 2014

As with most newlyweds, Josh and I started off our marriage a tad bit broke. 
We definitely couldn’t afford to buy each other lavish gifts for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or birthdays. Music has always played a huge part in relationship, so for our first Christmas together we started a tradition of giving each other vinyl records.
Records are an inexpensive gift, but giving them to each other for every occasion still allowed us to be really thoughtful. Over the last year and a half we have really had a blast digging through bins at antique shops or ordering vinyls online last minute from Amazon. In order to remember these gifts and the event for which they were gifted, I wanted to label each one. Years from now I imagine Josh and I digging through the records reminiscing over the happy times and celebrations.
I found some great customizable labels from the website Tiny Prints.
They were perfect for us to label each record and the occasion for which it was gifted.
Tiny Prints had SO many great styles to choose from.
I ordered two sets: The Amazing One and Magnificent Linen.
Their website allowed me to customize the labels so that I could write a date and an event on each record.
The labels really came out perfect and did the job wonderfully!
. . . now if only I could figure out a way to transform my handwriting from messy kindergartener handwriting to pretty kindergarten teacher handwriting. 

2013 Recap

Jan 27, 2014

Seeing as how I am always a bit behind the times, I feel like now is a better time than ever to do a 2013 recap.
2013 was pretty darn great to us.
With both of us starting new jobs, we were able to travel way more than we expected.
We went to Chattanooga, The Cayman Islands, NYC, Seattle, Portland, and Disney World.
We both turned 26 and celebrated a whole year of marriage.
We celebrated Charlie's third birthday and watched him become a tad bit more spoiled along the way.
Catch up on all the high points of last year with these photos and links:

After years of daydreaming about it, we kayaked the Nantahala River in North Carolina.
One highlight for the both of us would probably be finding this beer in Dallas.
(Although finding our bill of $75 was a little bit of a lowlight.)
We fell in love with Wednesday night bingo at The Gingerman (and kinda dominated).
I witnessed Lisa Frank sunsets in the Cayman Islands for my best friend's wedding.
We discovered our favorite food truck, Easy Slider, thanks to Deep Ellum Brewing Company's tour.
We spent a rather muddy weekend in New York for Governor's Ball Music Festival. 
We celebrated this guy's 26th birthday. 
We survived a 112 degree Texas summer (by letting Charlie play in fountains)
We spent a fantastic weekend in Nola with these guys (who also FINALLY got engaged!)
After attending multiple weekday concerts in Dallas with Josh, I realized I was finally experiencing what I had been dreaming about for two years prior to us getting married.
Is "bring your sister to work day" a thing?
Josh lost a bet, so I posted this video to YouTube.
Now it has over 7,000 views.
We went slightly overboard for Charlie's third birthday.
We overindulged in Sprinkles new Ice Cream shop, only a few times. 
We built many a fort and played many a game of hide and go seek with this dog who we are fairly certain is a human.
I built an ACL all by myself at work!
I also went a real life business trip all by myself with three of my not so young, male co-workers.
We discovered our all time favorite Dallas brewery, Peticolas.
We finally experienced the Texas State Fair (and all of it's fried food goodness)
We transformed Charlie into an Irish Settler for Halloween (meanwhile experiencing an epic Halloween costume fail on our part).
We celebrated my 26th birthday in a cabin in the Ozarks. 
While there, we recreated this photo from 2010.
We spent an incredible weekend in Seattle and at The Gorge with four of our best friends (and Dave Matthews, The Head and The Heart, and Lord Huron).
We became Auntie Em and Uncle Josh for the first time!
We celebrated an entire year of marriage (success!) which could only be appropriately celebrated with pound cake.
An even more appropriate way to celebrate our one year anniversary was with a surprise trip to Portland. 
In December, we survived the worst ice storm in the history of the world.
Ok maybe that was a tad dramatic. 
It was brutal, and driving on 2 inches of ice sucked, but being "iced in" for a weekend with these two was pretty fun.
We capped off this incredible year with a trip to Disney with my family.
Hooray for surviving 2013.
Show us what ya got, 2014.

Friday's Letters

Jan 24, 2014

Dear Josh, 
Thanks for doing the laundry this week.
You are a kind 'ol soul.
Dear cronuts,
I'm glad (but also mad) that you exist within one mile from our apartment.
You were magical, but you really aren't helping me fit into my bridesmaid dresses.
Dear Girl's night at Mexican Sugar and really cute cocktails,
I. Love. You.
All of you.
 Dear Charles,
Your butt bed head makes me giggle.
Dear Garth and knitting,
You are two guilty pleasures that I'm not ashamed to take part in.
Dear I don't even know what to say to this
Dear Twisted Root,
You're* grammar is terrible.
See what I did there?
Dear Saturday morning sunlight,
You are my favorite.
Dear Charlie,
Sorry our neighbor pup is cuter than you.
 Dear beer,
Brew faster why dontcha?
Sorry #instagramatemyblog
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