I kinda like the fact that Josh is wedding illiterate

Sep 28, 2012

After telling Josh that I ordered my wedding dress online . . . this conversation happened.

At a recent friend's wedding, he also asked me my stance on vows.
He was under the impression that they were optional.
I informed him that they are pretty much like the pledge of allegiance . . .  and required.

I wanna give a huuuuuge thanks to everyone who voted for our photo in the Texas Wedding Engagement Photo contest!
We were just selected as finalists and the winner and runner-up will be announced Monday!
Click here to see who we stack up against.
I love y'all so much and thanks again!
Cross your fingers :)

The Tigers vs The Tigers

Sep 27, 2012

Last weekend Liz, her boyfriend, and I loaded up the car and headed back to God's country (Auburn, Alabama) for the LSU vs Auburn game.
Elizabeth went to LSU for undergrad and Auburn for grad school (which explains the orange and purple dress that she got a lot of crap for) and Jason went to Auburn for undergrad.
Her and Jason both reunited with most of their college friends and I just got to sit back and laugh at their hilariousness.
(Is hilariousness a word? How about ridiculously awesome quick witted humor?)
I can't remember how many times I repeated that we all really have the funniest friends in America.
My phone was dead 99% of the weekend so I failed miserably at documenting the trip, but I scrapped up some pics between us girls to help us piece together the weekend.

I was so happy to be able to spend most of the weekend with Liz's Auburn friends Nicole and Caroline.
. . . and with Liz, duh.
Curtesy of Nicole's fantastic instagramming skills:
Freeman gave us a nice tour of campus (walking backwards the entire way) 
We loved the looks we received from bystanders after we would raise our hands and ask various questions such as "Will my child's teacher know his name?" and "What is the male to female ratio"?"
We made our way to the ATO house for Jason's reunion weekend
. . . and came across the most instagrammable butt of War Eagle history

As exciting as the game was, it didn't compare to what came after.
A little session with THE Tim Tyler.
You know, just the most incredibly talented guy in the south.
No big deal. 
He only played every awesome song ever, in true Tim Tyler form, with his eyes closed (Ray Charles style, according to Nicole)
Following the mindblowingness of that show, we continued to have our minds blown on the walk home (first off with some free Mama G's nachos and an encounter with Walt Jr from Breaking Bad)
The level of mindblowingness really skyrocketed after watching a car miss a curb, run into a field, hit a truck and a electrical pole then land in a ditch all going about 60 mph.
I am not confident enough in my PA skills to save a life quite just yet, but thankfully I didn't have to attempt.
The driver walked away from the wreck fine, shortly after failing miserably at a field sobriety test. 

I'm pretty sure, yet again we managed to condense an entire year of college experiences into one weekend in Auburn.

Hey St. Jude

Sep 26, 2012

Have you had your good cry today?
This is why I'm proud to be from Minden, Louisiana.
(Have I mentioned lately that we raise more money per capita than any city in the world for St. Jude?)

Take that World Market

Sep 25, 2012

Finding these little buddies at World Market (and seeing their price tag) inspired me to get creative in decorating mine and Josh's future home (that doesn't quite exist yet)

I went to Hobby Lobby and only spent $21 to make my own
Turned our pretty darn cute, huh?
I bought the lightweight cardboard letters rather than the solid wood ones (easier to hang)
I love the idea of using the old maps to cover the letters, but when I was at Hobby Lobby I fell in love with some scrapbook paper with trees.
I also bought some fabric to cover the sides with.
I believe I bought 1/2 a yard.
I traced each letter onto the back of a 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper.
Remember to flip the letter and make sure the paper is facing the correct direction (we don't want any upside down trees!)
If your letters has curved edges then be sure to cut little slits in the side so that it will glue without wrinkling or tearing.
I cut 2 inch strips of fabric and ironed them with the edges folded over so that they touched (making a 1 inch clean strip) 
Did that make sense?
It felt confusing, but it was the best way I could describe it.
I used fabric glue to line the edges of the letter, just to give it a cleaner look.

I really want to try this some more with other fabrics and papers!
If only we had more wallspace in our new apartment.
Oh, btw, we found an apartment.
With a real live yard for Charlie! 
I can't wait to have two dude roommates, 7 weeks away!

I'm not gonna lie, I'm quite the thrifty shopper

Sep 24, 2012

For starters, I joined Daytrotter (an insanely good website that provides live music sessions for a $2 monthly fee!) and got this fantastic Lumineers/Cival Wars record fo' free!

I just couldn't leave Chicago without buying these glasses at Anthropologie.
They were half off, and every one needs cool squished glasses, right?
Thank God they ship.

Unfortunately, I learned that Anthropologie shipped the day after I purchased this half off lamshade. 
. . . which had the privilege of riding in my lap on the flight home. 

Another one of my discount purchases were these men's suspenders at H&M
 . . . thanks to my sweet classmates (who each have a serious shopping problem) who provided me with their $5 discount cards given to them for purchasing $50 or more at H&M, Josh was able to get these bad boys for $7 each for this groomsmen.

. . . and thanks to our friend Nelson working at a thrift shop in Jackson Hole, I was extra thrify and found this little piece of artwork for the grand total of $5.

I think the highlight of my thriftiness would be this:
. . . after a little session at Nordstrom Rack somehow I wound up with this receipt.
I saved more than I spent?
I'm a shopping genius you say?
Thats the kindest thing I've ever heard.
Josh, do you agree?

You better agree! 
I got two pairs of wedding shoes for less than $100!
Does that mean they won't be comfy? 
Oh well.
I actually just saw these on Pinterest the other night, so I guess that means they are cool.

. . . and anyone who drinks PBR is a true thrifty shopper in my book, right?

This lamp from Anthro is my next project to tackle.

Fortune cookie irony

Sep 21, 2012

Now, I'm not a firm believer in fortune cookies or anything, but the irony of this is rather entertaining.
(Therefore, it's blog worthy)
To fully get the joke (with the "in bed" line added to the end of the fortune) you need to be aware of one little fun fact, I'm a virgin. 
That is probably the most personal piece of info I have ever divulged on the blog (other than the time I talked about biting my nails).

It's happening.

P.S. I'm off to Auburn for the weekend for the LSU/Auburn game.

DIY {Cheap} Thank You Cards

Sep 20, 2012

I am trying my hardest to pinch pennies in any way possible for this teeny tiny wedding that is happening two months from now (that seems to be growing into a not so teeny tiny wedding daily) 
One of my favorite finds on the internet lately was this custom monogram template from weddingchicks.com that I used for our thank you cards.
We sent the logo to our local printing company, and all in all it only cost us around $150 to print 500 of these bad boys (on recycled paper, at that!)

The cards came out so wonderfully, I had to share.
The wedding chicks website has so many printable/downloadable options: from invitations, to save the dates, to place cards.
All for free! 
You can find the template that I used in my thank you card here!
All you have to do is plug in your initials.
Easy peasy. 

Jackson Hole Adventure: Part 3

Sep 19, 2012

For the last portion of our little vacay up north, Allie took us to granite hot springs.
We had to wade through the iciest water I've ever stepped foot in to get to the natural spring hidden away in the corner right past the waterfall.
It was about a 30 minute drive down a dirt road (that is only accessible by snowmobile or in the winter)
Side note: Kym at Adventures of Kym and Dustin mentioned to me on instagram that the dirt road we took was the exact trail she used to mush on with her dog sled!
Tough job, huh?
Anyways, we had a blast the entire time (even though it's hard to not have fun when you are within 10 foot proximity of Allie)
The hot spring combined with the gorgeous view made for a truly fantastic afternoon! 

Such a sophisticated lady right there.
Thats truly the fanciest I've ever seen Allie. 
Jennifer did some magic on her hair.

For breakfast Josh and Michael told me multiple times we had to try D.O.G.'s breakfast burrito.
It definitely lived up to the hype!

The views on the way out of town to the airport made it all that more hard to leave this wonderful place.

We stopped for a quick lunch at Dornan's before heading to the airport.
Isn't this just the cutest little airport you ever did see?
I couldn't thank Allie enough for being the greatest hostess around.
As gorgeous as Jackson is in the summer, it was such a tease to see all the mountains and not be able to ski them.
We rarely miss a ski season somewhere in the west, so will most definitely be back this winter for ski time! 
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