Why I blog:
I started blogging in May 2011, when we took a three week road trip to the west coast.
I initially meant for the blog to just be a means of communication with our friends and family, and an easy way to share our pictures with them. When the trip turned into a once in a lifetime adventure involving a totaled car and an elk and a uhaul, the blog took on a life of its own.
I began to love writing and telling about our travels through  pictures, so I chose to continue blogging.

Job status:
I graduated from Physician Assistant school at LSU and am now working as an orthopedic surgery PA in Allen and Mckinney, Texas.

Relationship status:
After dating for six years, I had the privilege of marrying this dude in 2012.
Josh and I met when we were 12 at the beach and then re-met in college.
Get alllll the juicy deets here.
Check out some of our wedding related blog posts here or click here to see all about our 10 day Icelandic honeymoon.

Location status:
We currently live in Mckinney, Texas

Religion status:
I'm a firm believer in Jesus Christ, and I was raised southern baptist.

Social media status:
Instagram: @em_kerrigan
Twitter: @emratkerrigan
Facebook link is over there to the right.

I was also interviewed about our roadtrip/travel obsessions on one of my favorite blogs, go here to check it out!

Our world currently revolves around our two pups Charlie and Molly.
They are technically biological siblings, although from this picture you probably could have assumed that.
Thanks so much for visiting!
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