How we met . . .

Jan 30, 2012

One of my favorite stories of all time is the story of how Josh and I met.

I first met this little boy on our family vacation at the beach when I was 12.
We can't quite pinpoint the year, because we went to the beach every year, but I know I hadn't had my first kiss yet and Josh claims I wore bows in my hair (which I'm pretty sure is a huge lie).

Anyways, we stayed in a duplex in Gulf Shores, and ironically, the family in the other side of the duplex was from a little city only an hour down the road from our home in Louisiana.
Our family and the families on vacation with us had a tradition of playing some very intense games every night after dinner.

. . . and whadya know? 
Mr. Social himself waltzed right in and joined us for games many of those nights.
(Thats him up there on the right in the sexy yellow Levi's surf club tee AND jorts)

The parents often referred to Josh as Eddie Haskell, because he was well known for turning on the charm.
(In fact, my mom had him stored in her phone under that name for the first few year of us dating)

Anyways, the trip ended, we added each other on AOL instant messenger (because thats what you did back in 1999, no cell phones for 12 year olds!) but we ultimately never kept in touch.
He was too cool for school and I was a loser with freckles and bows.

. . . until our freshman year of college.
I rushed Sigma Kappa and he rushed Sigma Nu, and while we were both pledges, our first exchange was scheduled with each other.

The theme was 70's/hippie (and unfortunately we don't have any pics together) 

Anyways, the exchange took place, I recognized Josh from across the room and asked another Sigma Nu his name because I thought he looked familiar.
He told me it was a pledge from Monroe name Josh Kerrigan, and then I just started sweating, as well as increasing the amount of drinks I was consuming (coca-cola of course).
Liquid courage?
 . . . cause he sure as heck didn't have the bravery to come up to me and talk first.
He was too cool for school, remember?
We ended up talking that night, exchanging numbers, became Facebook friends (of course) and then started dating within weeks. 

Our first date party was appropriately themed "Opposites Attract"

The summer after we started dating, my family went back to Gulf Shores and little 'ol Eddie Haskell got to come with us.

We even (unplanned) recreated this lovely little pic:

After dating for about two years, Josh dropped his letters (or "lavaliered" me as they say on Greek)

. . . and I got to pass the candle! 

 I'm sure any of our friends from college could attest to the fact that we probably spent wayyyyy too much time together, but living three hours apart for the past year has been pretty beneficial!
 I couldn't be happier to be dating such a hilarious, kind, brave, sweet as can be, outgoing, entertaining guy

. . . who also happens to be pretty darn talented.
He can play any song on any instrument (self taught) completely by ear.
I filmed this video this weekend, and he's probably gonna kill me for posting it.


Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

wow could not be more obsessed with yalls story, probs my favorite of all time.

Celebrating the Day said...

you guys are SO CUTE. my husband and i were also in a long distance relationship while we were in college. it was tough, but there were some benefits to it, too! we live in dallas now as well (just for the summer, we're in austin permanently). Best of luck to you too! Believe me when I say that when you are finally in the same city permanently, the distance will see so long ago and the wait will have been so worth it!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your love story! This is awesome. My hubs and I met at summer camp (as counselors) and then went back to our separate colleges so we were long distance for most of our relationship AND engagement. Good times! But, seriously? It helped us out big time because we are AWESOME communicators now. 8 years married and still going strong. ;)

Stamp in My Passport said...

Love your story! It has the makings of a Nicolas Sparks movie written all over it (minus the tense "will they stay together?" moment.)

Anonymous said...

Hi!! So I've been following your blog for awhile and absolutely love your stories :) you have such a wonderful life! I'm actually a sophmore in college hoping to become a physician assistant some day :) A little random but I was wondering if you and Josh ever had any issues while going long distance? You guys seem too perfect to ever have any problems. My boyfriend I have been going long distance for the past 2 years and it can be pretty hard, he's not always a great communicator haha. But it's worth it when I get to see him every now and then :) I'm not usually one for asking for that cheesy "girl advice" but I'd love to get any advice from you!

Emily said...

Hey angela! Thanks so much for your sweet words! I would love to send some advice your way! What's your email address? I usually reply to comments via e-mail but for some reason your comment doesn't have an e-mail address attached. (or you can just e-mail me at if you would rather not post your e-mail address via comment) hope to hear from you soon :)

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