Guest Post: Summer Trends

May 29, 2012

Hey y'all! I'm a little busy roamin the streets of NYC so I'm letting a sweet blogger take over today. 
Deidre is here to tell y'all about something I completely suck at:
Go by and visit Deidre today and wish her luck at the Miss Idaho pageant!

Hello! It is me, Deidre (dee-druh), but you can call me Deej. 
I blog over at From the Desk of Miss Edmunds ( 
I am so excited to be here today! 
Because, let’s be honest. It is exciting to make new friends. I have been trying to think of ways to make you love me from the first two seconds of reading my post… so I feel like I will start off with a joke? Maybe that will do the trick.

There are some muffins in the oven and one turns to the other and says, “Man, it is hot in here!” to which the other replies, “OH MY! It is a TALKING MUFFIN!”

Okay. What I am really here to tell you about are the summer finds and trends. I am going to share with you the ten things that I am finding (and LOVING) the very most. And let me tell you, the finds I am finding for summer are fantastic!

1. Neon . . . anything. 
And you can find it, you guessed it, ANYWHERE!

2.  Distressed and bleached shorts. 
We made our own from a pair of high waist pants from Desert Industries and Savers.

3.  Glasses. 
Sounds weird, but we are all about Warby Parker right now. 
You can order 5 trial pairs too, which is fantastic.

4.  Gold. 
Some people say it is out of date, but I say it is coming back. 
Have you noticed how many girls are getting gold rings and earrings these days?

5.  Totes. 
For those quick weekend getaways. 
A tote is the perfect grab bag.

6.  Color blocking. 
Still in, pinky promise. 
Checkout Shabby Apple. 
They are full of color blocking gems right now!

7.  Polka dots. 
Put them on anything. 
Shoes, pants, people will love it. Anthropologie has great polka dot pants if you will like splurging, or we made our own pair. Buy colored pants at Target, get some white acrylic paint, a good pencil, and dot away. I will be putting up a tutorial later!

8.  Lace dress. 
Sophisticated. And good for a night out.

9.  Maxi dress. 
Sophisticated and good for a swimsuit cover up.

10.   The gold old stars and stripes. 
Patriotism is coming back and coming back strong! Lots of stars and stripes shirts and shorts.

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