Honeymoonin' Iceland: The Food

Dec 11, 2012

I took over 500 pictures over our 10 days in Iceland.
Just a fair warning that my honeymoon photos are gonna be divided among a bazillion blog posts.

If you haven't noticed from our previous travel posts, food is a priority in our travels.
Josh and I both are always willing to try the weirdest things and do everything the way locals do.
Well, Iceland definitely had it's fair share of weird foods.
We experienced everything from puffin to whale to shark.
. . . and then we exploded from seafood overload and died.
Seriously though, we tried everything Iceland had to offer.

Our first stop the day we arrived was Seabaron, which we heard had the best lobster soup in the country.
It was right on the water of Reykjavik, and luckily we had a rain free day in the city to enjoy the view from the coast.

Other than their lobster soup, they also served freshly caught seafood.
You choose your meat from a wide selection and they grill it for you on the spot.
Naturally, Josh chose whale.

The lobster soup was truly the best we'd ever had.
We were so in love, we ate here twice!
The whale actually tasted pretty much identical to steak.
Fishy steak.
After our second visit, the sweet owner visited with us and gave us these cards.
Our honeymoon happened over Thanksgiving break, so we had to skip out on the traditional American turkey and dressing, in exchange for . . .

. . . some puffin.
You know, just the cutest beanie baby known to man.
Dipped in a blueberry glaze.
Iceland is also known for their hot dogs.
. . . and this is their most famous 24 hour hot dog stand.
Even Bill Clinton has eaten there.
On a serious note, I hate hot dogs and I kinda liked it.
We still aren't sure what was on them, but it felt better not knowing.
We made a grocery store stop on the way out of town one day, because I'm so fascinated by other countries groceries and what not.
(I would seriously spend 15 minutes at every gas station, just looking at every single item)
We had to try the skyr, Iceland's famous yogurt!
. . . and cough drops and a chocolate bar.
The only thing that was left uneaten by us in Iceland was the reindeer.
. . . but we did tackle the shark!
It is customary to eat the "putrified" shark with a shot of Brenniven, the Icelandic schnapps often called Black Death.
We kinda wondered if it was just an ongoing Icelander joke to trick tourists into eating weird things thinking it was a local delicacy . . . because it was just that terrible.
. . . but we did love the Plokkfiskur, which was fish mashed with potatoes, onions, and hollandaise sauce.
Another Icelandic oddity was the fact that this strange orange sauce came with nearly every single meal we had. 
No complaints though, Josh and I are always suckers for "special sauce"

We quickly tired of seafood and strange food, so we had to change it up a bit.

. . . and when you run out of money you buy a loaf of bread a cheese.
Heck, I eat that for lunch whether I have money or not.
Sweet IcelandAir gave everyone free cookies and hot chocolate for Christmas on the return flight.


Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

OMG that sushi and the whale look awesome!

And I have some friends from Iceland here and they brought back the Schnapps once, ugh so terrible! Like the worst!

Anonymous said...

I love posting my food too, so this was definitely fit for me hehe ! :) YUMMY. I'd love to try all of those seafood dishes especially.

(I bet those hot dogs had meaty sausages, that's why you liked them ? I don't know what's in American / store bought etc. ones, but somehow I have a feeling that they have more flour and water and stuff :)

Anyways, looking forward to seeing more posts ^^

Indie by heart

A and B said...

How did you decipher the menu! That is crazy- and people eat puffin? never even knew that! And hot dogs in iceland, that is hilarious! Good to know!

Iris said...

Wow...I try everything once...but I don't know about everything you had... :D Got yourself a new follower while you had a break from the blog!

Iris♥ -The Blue Birdhouse

Lisamarie said...

Blah! The Icelandic food! That is one of the things that scares me the most, aside from the cold and darkness. Did you try horse? And were you ablse to easily find "normal" food? I am still absolutely dying to go there. Please talk about the weather and the sunlight! (Amongst all of the other gazillion fun things!!)

lori said...

all of this food looks delicious... i am seriously drooling! love seeing all the pictures :)

Stamp in My Passport said...

I am all for travel posts that consist of food photos. Especially such strange things as they eat in Iceland. I'm a fan of seafood for sure, but I don't know if I could be as adventurous as you. However I am a fan of lobster soup any day, especially when served in a mug. I know I could at least survive on that. And bread and cheese. You can never go wrong with that combination.

Unknown said...

all that food looks so delicious! Most of my travel pictures look like that as well.

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