Fridays Letters

Jan 4, 2013

Dear Josh:
I'm gonna avoid the whole blogger trend of choosing a cheesy name for you (like hubs, hubster, mister, etc) so I hope you are happy with me calling you Josh.
. . . but thanks for taking me to the greatest place of all time this week
A sushi conveyor belt all you can eat buffet for $10!!!!
(P.S. This is what's wrong with America)
Dear unemployment:
You are THE. WORST.
I thought being a temporarily unemployed housewife would be the coolest thing ever but I'm going nuts here.
There's only so much of a 1200 square foot apartment that you can clean.

Dear wedding pictures:
One day I will wade through the 2,200 options and post them on here and Facebook.
One day, very far away.
I'm not against hiring someone to do it for me.
With all the money I'm making right now and everything . . .

Dear Trader Joes Cookie Butter:
Please don't be mad at me for taking so long to try you.
. . . but then again, it's kinda your fault for taking so long to come to Dallas.

Dear healthy books like Wheat Belly & The Primal Blueprint:
Sometimes I get excited to read you and then I start panicking thinking you will make me hate bread.
This can't happen.

Dear World Market:
I think we may put your Aiden line of furniture out of stock.
Can't. Stop.
P.S. Apartment tour coming to the blog soon!

Dear parents: Thanks for getting us a grill for Christmas.
It really adds to the whole boredom thing because Josh offers to grill nearly every single night leaving me with a whole stackful of cookbooks just gathering dust.

Last but not least, dear readers:
Not trying to get all political, but . . . 
Josh showed me this video last night and both of our minds were blown at how powerful social media can be these days.
Take some time to watch this video, you truly won't be disappointed.

The truth is hard to conceal when it goes viral.



Unknown said...

I don't do the nickname thing either... Cute blog! new follower :)

lori said...

i feel ya on the unemployed house wife, when we moved (a little over a year ago), it took me WAY longer to find a job than i expected.

after cleaning the whole house and doing the laundry, i explored our new city and tried to find cool places to blog from... and probably spent too much money shopping ;)

Anonymous said...

Found you via the Friday Letters link up.

I was unemployed a few years ago and I HATED it! It was only 3 months (luckily) but even in that short time I slowly started going crazy.

~ Bevchen

Ali said...

Giiirl I am feeling you on the unemployment thing!!

Postcards from Rachel said...

Unemployment is definitely a bummer. I can't get a job because we move around for my husband's.. it can get boring.

Stopping by from Friday's letters. Your blog design is so cute!


Applewood Road said...

Oh man that sushi conveyor belt is so wrong but SO right!
- Kelsey @ Time Stand Still

Unknown said...

thank you for posting that video. I'm not at all ashamed to admit that I cried through the second half
love love, Nicole

Anonymous said...

I'd so agree that unemployment is pretty sucky! I've got a 3 year old, and I was so pumped to be a stay at home mom for a while. 9 months later, I kind of crave so-called "meaningful work" again. And fight the guilt of being bored/depressed with the home life. A lot has to be the season! It's much more fun when you can actually get out of the house (i.e., warm weather).

That cookie butter makes me wish we had a Trader Joe's nearby! Booo...

Allie said...

oh hi. i 400% relate to your unemployment comment. THE worst.

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