Our Little Diet Makeover

Feb 27, 2013

Now that I finally have a big kid job (and a big kid paycheck) Josh and I feel that we can afford to improve our diet by eating organic whenever possible.
I've been reading the book Wheat Belly, which has really changed my perspective on the potential damage genetically modified foods like wheat can do to your body.
Without getting all hardcore and nutso, I'll just throw some fun facts your way.
Did you know going gluten free has been shown to cure autism, many GI diseases like ulcerative colitis, and also type 2 diabetes and hypertension?
For this reason (and Josh's obsession with all things Mark Sisson, Mr. Paleo himself) we have decided to attempt to go gluten free with a bit of paleo mixed in between.
Basically, we want to just cut the crap.
No more processed, unhealthy foods.
I'd rather feel good physically than enjoy a few seconds worth of a great taste. 
We started last week off by easing into the whole gluten free lifestyle by taking advantage of Sprinkles's buy one cupcake get one free day.
Gluten free red velvet.
Later that week we decided to blow wisely invest in our health some a lot of my first paycheck at the paycheck thief itself: 
Whole Foods. 
Conveniently (for our wallet) the Plano Whole Foods is right across the street from Trader Joe's, so when we didn't find what we needed, we just made another pit stop.
Now, we aren't perfect, in the week we have been "wheat free" we have cheated once or twice, and it was crazy how we immediately felt bloated and sick.
Going wheat free has definitely made us feel more energized already.
Finding new recipes and strange substitutions for many pantry basics is kind of an adventure in itself.
Some of our staple late night snacks as of lately are:
Frozen grapes sprinkled with sugar free jello powder
Chocolate peanut butter sludge
Recipe here
Gluten free cheddar jalapeƱo crackers
Recipe here
Paleo double chocolate peanut butter ice cream sandwiches.
Recipe here
If y'all have any wheat free recipes you think we should try out send them my way! 


Unknown said...

This is great! My boyfriend and I were just talking the other day about how we need to buckle down and eat right! Thanks for the ideas!



brooke lyn said...

congrats and good luck on making the change! the bf and i have been making a conscious effort as well :)

Kristal said...

My husband and I area always talking about this! Then i go to work and someone brings sprinkles in! I mean really!? How can you say no! Anyway lol I love your blog, new follower!

The Adventurer said...

I've been paleo for about a month and its hard - but it makes you feel so much better! You can do it!!!

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