Feb 7, 2013

Remember that time I forgot to blog for a whole week?
Please don't hate me.
This whole new job thing is a bit nuts.
I feel disconnected from the world because of how much I am concentrating on work and all the new things I have to learn, but I have a feeling it will improve with time.

Minden managed to raise ANOTHER million dollars for St. Jude with out auction last weekend.
I'm still in shock.
So lucky to be from such a giving town.
(My mom and her friends, who help run the auction)

While I was home, thankfully I was able to get some crawfish.
The cravings were about to do me in.
Charlie officially got his DNA swabbed and stored.
Poops beware.
This is the first week of our married life that I haven't cooked a single meal.
Worst. Wife. Ever.
BUT, my first day of work I came home to a very clean apartment, bottle of wine, and an incredible steak.
Lucky gal right here.
. . . and then the following three nights we had "celebratory dinners" that did not involve slaving over a hot stove.
This book is my new best friend.
. . . and this is my saving grace.
Come onnnnnnnn weekend.

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