Friday's Letters

Apr 12, 2013

Dear Charles,
Thanks for being not very right in the noggin.
You keep us entertained 24/7.
Dear Noosa,
I have fallen completely and udderly in love with you.
See what I did there?
Dear Easter,
Sorry I forgot to blog about you and your incredible homemade pies and quality family time.
 Dear Josh,
Sorry sometimes I'm a mega b*#%@.
I know it sometimes takes me a while to ask for forgiveness, but I'm working on it. 
Don't hate me forever (insert my attempt at a sexy winky face here)
 Dear National Sibling Day,
Even though you snuck up on me, I definitely didn't forget you were happening thanks to the explosion of family collages on every social media feed.
Not complaining.
The collage Ellie made of the Rats made me smile really big after a particularly sucky day of work.
Dear inventors of the EasyWalk dog harness,
Even though I fear for the lack of tone of my arms, you have made our lives SO much better by your brilliant leash invention.
I've always judged people we see at the dog park who have their dogs in a harness, but it allllllllll makes sense now.

 Dear our five nights in a row of home cooking and healthy eating,
Why do I go to work and cheat so easily?
Oh, that's right, it wouldn't have been right to let the the monthly office birthday bundt cake go uneaten. 
. . . but seriously, we are hooked on kale chips.

Dear America,
Look at this little nugget!
If we have kids that even look 5% like this I'll be a happy camper.
Dear everyone who entered the Jacob's Scarves giveaway,
I love you all dearly.
The winner of a brand new fancy scarf is . . .
I'll be delivering your contact info to Kiri, who will arrange for the shipping of your scarf.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!
Thanks again for all the participation in Dashboard Diary's first giveaway!


whit | Black Little Button blog said...

Awe that last photo is adorable! :)

Have a wonderful weekend dear.

Jannae said...

Oh my gosh, the strawberry rhubarb noosa is amazing. And your dog is adorable. :)

Chelsea @ Lost in Travels said...

those pies look great! i miss homemade pies and family time : )

Chelsea @ Lost in Travels said...

those pies look great! i miss homemade pies and family time : )

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