Friday's Letters

Apr 26, 2013

Dear front yard + semi-spring like weather + my dudes,
Dear Texas trend of wearing rainboots in the operating room,
I guess I'll finally hop on the bandwagon.
This is weird. 
Dear Bingo night at The GingerMan,
We kicked your butt, AGAIN.
Josh finally won, and I'm two for two!
We are definitely racking up on the free pint glasses. 
Dear cutest little 11 year old on the planet,
Thanks for giving me your business card.
With your creativity and ingenuity you will go far.
 Dear greatest light fixture on the planet,
The fact that you cost $225 makes me want to punch you.
 Dear all 238947392874 Presidents that were in Dallas this weekend,
Traffic already sucked enough before you were here.
Thanks for making sucky things suckier.
Dear The Loft music venue,
I think you are my new favorite Dallas venue.
Dear Air Review,
Even though you opened up for the band we wanted to see last night (Youth Lagoon), I found myself liking you more than them.
Look 'em up folks.
No work today + Pioneer Woman iced coffee overload = I'm blogging up a storm.
I may be biased but some pretty good posts are coming up next week!
Happy Friday peeps!
I love each and every 252 of you :)

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brooke lyn said...

youtubing Air Review now...

Unknown said...

I love every bit of this and i DIED out laughing on all of it. Seriously funny stuff. The rainboots thing - hah!!

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