Our wedding album via Artifact Uprising

Mar 20, 2014

Making our wedding album was quite a meticulous process.
I had a very specific concept in mind, and initially I had a hard time finding the perfect company to use.
I came across Artifact Uprising (on Pinterest, I believe) and immediately fell in love with their simplistic style.
They had templates available for the page layouts, but they also had the option of completely customizing any page on your own.
I spent hours narrowing down our 3,000+ photos to fit onto 150 pages.
Ultimately I had to add about 27 more pages in order to include everything I wanted.
The cost was about $1/page, which was an ideal price point for me. 
The only downfall was the fact that I wasn't able to go back and insert a page between previously completed pages.
It took me about four months to finalize the album.
I completed it section by section, due to my fear of forgetting to include particular pictures and having to erase pages in order to go back.
After lots of tedious work, the album was finally ordered, and I was completely blown away with the end result.
The quality was incredible and the company was SO great to work with.
I would highly recommend following them on instagram as well (@artifactuprising), because they are always posting inspiring images and creative ideas.

You can view our entire wedding album here 
(be patient, it may take a while to load)

After making our wedding album, I saw that Artifact Uprising also offered custom calendars.
You can upload your own photos and choose which month you would like them to be displayed on.
They also include a really great clipboard with a magnet on the back.
I made a few custom calendars as birthday gifts for my friends using some of their Instagrams.
One of the recipients, my friend Nicole, is a photographer, and she snapped the calendar photos for me.
Aren't they so great?
Her company is Southern Shutter Photography, so go here to check out some more of her work!

Do you have any experience with the gorgeous work of Artifact Uprising?
If not, then check out everything they offer at www.artifactuprising.com.
You won't be disappointed!


Leah said...

I'm probably about half-way through your book and it's beautiful, amazing, and perfect!!! The details of your wedding just warm my heart! Seriously the prettiest wedding and pictures I've ever seen!! It helps that the couple is pretty cute!! ;) Awesome job!!

Unknown said...

Wow, this is amazing! I love photography and scrapbooking so I'm in heaven just looking at your album. Lots of creativity. Thank you for sharing.

Emma Kate said...

What a great way to remember a beautiful day! Those photos are just stunning. I've ordered photo books from Artifact Uprising before and I love their products!

Shelley said...

i can't get over your wedding photos. they are gorgeous! thanks for sharing about artifact uprising. i normally just use iphoto but sometimes get so frustrated with their lack of customization/options, so i'm definitely going to have to check out artifact uprising!

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