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Mar 6, 2014

I have a never ending list on my phone entitled "things to do in Dallas"
We are often marking things off the list, but I think I'm adding new things just as quickly.
The main way I stay up to date with the latest and greatest happenings in the area is social media.
Instagram is probably the most beneficial.
My favorite local instagram feeds are @ohheydallas @foodbitchdotme and @susiedrinksdallas.
Most often, we just stalk particular food trucks (we're looking at you Easy Slider) and local breweries to see what's going on around town.
Easy Slider's instagram (@easyslideroffthetruck) recently let us know about a monthly food truck night in the Good Records parking lot.
We had a concert downtown the night of the February event, so it worked out well for us to stop by and stuff our faces with some of our favorite sliders around.
We also got to try out Mo' Joe A Go-Go coffee truck (homemade almond milk!) and the Vegas Noms food truck (vegan homemade cookies!)
Dallas's magazine, D Magazine, keeps us pretty informed as well.
You can check out their website and sign up for emails to stay updated on the latest food and music news, too.
So far it has pointed us in the right direction with CBD Provisions, Stampede 66, and Meddlesome Moth (remember my magical birthday Peticolas beer pairing dinner?)
They also compiled a list of local Valentine's Day events, which was how we found out about the PHENOMENAL Holy Grail beer pairing dinner.
We recently read an article in the latest issue about a new Frisco Restaurant, Mash'd.
Last Friday, we experienced a rare day of seventy degree patio weather, so we ventured out to investigate this Mash'd business.
They serve wide varieties of moonshine and even incorporate it into cocktails and some of the food.
I started with the the blueberry moonshine mojito, which was excellent.
At the waiter's discretion my next drink was cherry limeade with moonshine soaked cherries, which was terrible.
The incredible Pot de creme dessert (dark chocolate pudding with nutella and pistachios) made up for it though!
Last year, social media let us know about a new local music festival starting up in Deep Ellum, Index Fest.
We really only went to see Andrew Bird play, but we ended up falling in love with the festival itself. 
We loved the small, intimate aspect of the festival.
Even though this is only it's second year, it wasn't hard to notice the fact that the venue was so clean, not obnoxiously crowded, had working ATMs with no lines, and ample alcohol & food vendors.
They definitely know what they are doing, and it has so much potential to succeed over the next few years.
Thank goodness for social media, right?
How would we ever have a clue what was going on without it?
God forbid it be by word of mouth alone . . .

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Jess said...

This all makes me SO excited to visit my sister in Dallas!

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