Jul 10, 2014

In case you were wondering how these guys were doing, here are a few updates in the life of Charles and Molls:
Molly finally got all of her shots.
After months of parvo anxiety (especially with living in an apartment complex) we are finally able to let her roam free (on a leash BECAUSE SHE IS SO BAD).
After 9890584309584398 attempts, they semi-cooperated for our first family photo.
After 3 years of being anti-grooming we finally caved and got Charlie a summer cut.
This photo is taken was taken so we can always remember his fluffy, mangy, electrocution-esque hairstyle.
I present to you: 
Harry from Dumb and Dumber.
He loves it.
It's still growing on us.
Molly on the other hand is still in her psychotic puppy phase and quite frankly I don't think she ever intends to leave it. 
Also, Molly has the sweetest, tiniest of mohawks on the top of her head.
She's very emo. 
Both pups have developed quite the affinity for koozies.
Not sure where or why this new habit came about but it's rather annoying to come home daily and clean up after their parties. 
Piggy back rides are still Molly's favorite activity.
Charlie, not so much. 
Charlie has mastered the ultimate big brother wrastlin' move.
Molly has yet to come to realize the difference between human food and dog food.
Molly lives underneath the bed.
We were hoping she would eventually grow too large to crawl under there, but nope, instead she crawls under there, gets stuck, and whines until we come in there to pull her out. 
Every. Single. Day.
and night.
See the mohawk? 
She still has daily make out sessions with our neighbor pup, Rufio.
She loves to chase the glares from the reflection of the sun on her collar.
It keeps her entertained for hours (and drains that energy tank fast).
She's steadily outgrowing her cooperation with a normal leash and is two seconds away from getting a harness like Charlie.
We've tried all the Cesar Millan anti-leash-pulling tactics, I promise.
Each day Charlie teaches Molly the ways of rabbit hunting.
It really is precious to watch her imitate his EVERY move. 
Don't you dare let those pitiful eyes fool you.
She is bad news. 
Charlie was also able to show off his 'ol stomping grounds to Molly:
The Arbor Hills Nature Preserve
Then he promptly swam across a lagoon, climbed a waterfall, and made Molly feel totally inadequate. 
They love America, I swear.

For whatever reason, we never kennel trained either of the dogs. We were pretty pleased with the way Charlie turned out, so we thought it wouldn't hurt to train Molly in the same way.
I like to attribute Charlie's hilarious personality to the fact that he was never formally, strictly trained. 
Fingers crossed Molly turns a corner here soon because she gets threatened to get thrown into the shoe daily.
Orange is the New Black, anyone? 
If you are ever a visitor in our home, just know have to sleep with one eye open. . . 
 You were warned. 


Diana @ wonderfully made. said...

Ok, your dogs are THE CUTEST! Seriously. The picture with the koozies makes me laugh. We gave our dog an empty water bottle the other day to entertain her and since then she has decided that all plastic bottles are hers and she will take one out of your hand as you're drinking it. Crazy dogs!

brooke lyn said...

i cannot handle all this cuteness overload. STOP THE CUTENESS

Leah said...

They are seriously the cutest!!! I love them!!! :)

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