Tunesday: Asgeir Trausti

Jul 29, 2014

While in Iceland on our honeymoon, we were forced to listen to Icelandic radio in our rental car (because our silly American selves forgot an auxillary cord).
We would occaisionally hear some Sigur Ros and Of Monsters and Men but there was one song we kept hearing that tickled our fancy.
Although there wasn't a single lyric in English, the tune was quite contagious.
Somehow we managed to figure out the name of the song and the artist (I still don't quite know how we did it) and we found it on iTunes.
Nearly two years later, we still play it often.
It's kind of entertaining to hear us attempt to sing/mumble the words like we know what they mean.
Much to our surprise, the same artist, Asgeir Trausti, recently debuted an English album, under the name Asgeir.
As soon as Josh heard it on one of our favorite local radio stations he immediately yelled "this is that random Icelandic guy!"
Thanks to Shazam we realized he was right.
Josh's musical ears kind of blow my mind, and Asgeir's musical brain and voice and skillzzz blow my mind harder.

Go here to check out his newest stuff, it's quite lovely.
Go here to catch up on our Icelandic Honeymoon, in case you missed it. 


brooke lyn said...

Oh man! i heard an interview on NPR with this guy and fell in love with him, but then couldn't remember his name!!! thank you

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

All of my Icelandic friends are obsessed with him and he played a show here in Karlsruhe and everyone went and hung out with him after! He's gonna be BIG.

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