Love Letters {Summer Edition}

Sep 18, 2014

Dear Summer 2014,
You were one for the books.
You were filled with not too toasty temps, good food, and great people.
Thanks for being so kind to us.

Dear wrangler jorts,
You are probably the most American thing I own.
Dear Hugs,
I'm glad that we can call you friends AND that we will soon be neighbors.
Dear Fourth of July,
You were F.U.N.
Dear Easy Slider,
Thanks for sneakin' up to the 'burbs for the day.
How about you magically appear right across the street from our apartment more often?
Dear anyone looking to buy radishes from Kroger,
You may want to avoid these because they were once used as "Beets by Dre".
Dear Peticolas beer,
Beware of your SwimFan.
Dear Josh's lame excuses for "working late",
After seeing the putting green and beer garden at his office you are no longer a valid excuse.
Dear first inaugural supper club,
Counting down the days until round two.
. . . in our brand spankin' new real life, full size kitchen.
Dear coming home from work to a clean apartment and records spinning,
You remind me weekly that I married a good'n.
Dear Nantahala River,
You are running a close race with The Gorge for being the happiest place in America.
Dear three best friends that anyone could have,
Insert smoochy face emoticon here.
Our monthly reunions keep me functioning.
Dear fear of boldness,
I have friends who make me dress nice, fix my hair, and wear red lipstick.
Dear orthopedic surgery sales reps who think they are just tooooooo cool,
You are pretty cool I guess, but I'm glad I get to boss you around in the OR.
Dear Liz,
 I'm glad you are getting married and that we can celebrate that marriage with tea parties.
. . . channeling our inner Samantha.
 (Samantha, the American Girl doll, for those of you who didn't have the privilege of being a 90's child)
Dear Canton trade days,
Who would have thought that a little 'ole flea market could involve SO MUCH blood, sweat, and tears.
. . . but mainly sweat.
Dear Canton purchases,
You have given me more future-home-decoration-anxiety than I ever thought possible.
. . . but that bar cart
Dear Mckinney,
We're coming for ya in T-minus 12 days.
Dear GingerMan Bingo,
You are probably the main thing we will miss about living at The Shops.
Dear most magical candle of all time,
Dear Jenna and Abby,
Hard to believe that one of you is about to become a wife and one of you just became a mom.
Enjoying college, sorority life, and grad school with you two made for some of my favorite memories of all time.
Dear fall,
Quit trying to get all up in summer's biznass.
Your turn is coming soon.

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