The Tangible

Sep 9, 2014

I feel like I've become a bit overwhelmed with technology lately.
I have major anxiety with deleting digital files, which means that my iPhone memory space is completely full thanks to 5,000+ photos that I refuse to delete.
I've got a problem.
Also, I can't seem to grasp (and trust) the concept of cloud storage.
How do you know it's reaaaaaally up there?
I'm supposed to believe that my photos are up there chilling, just hanging out with God, right next to J.Law's nakey pics?

Whenever I first came across the website Artifact Uprising, I was really moved by their tagline:
"Inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible"
It's so easy to become bogged down with technology and forget to appreciate the tangible.
In an effort to do just that, I've decided to attempt to print more photos.
I wanted to start by creating a "memory box" for each major vacation Josh and I have gone on.
I was hoping to be able to find thinner wooden boxes, almost the size of cigar boxes so that I could stack each vacation box on one another.
No such luck.
I settled with this wooden box from Hobby Lobby. 
I also picked up some sticker letters there so I could label each box with the destination.
After removing the hardware, I stained each box with some leftover green stain from when we re-vamped our coffee table.
Then we filled it up with all our photos from our honeymoon as well as some other trinkets and memorabilia. 
What an odd word, memorabilia.
For some reason, I felt the need to stain over the stickers, so that it would leave the word outlined by the stain beneath.
It looked way cuter in my brain, but I can't complain.
I kind of love it.
Just kind of though.
I think I'll trust my little wooden box to store my photos over the hacker friendly clouds.


Cara said...

Uhhh this is the cutest idea EVER. Love it.

Shelley said...

what an excellent idea. i have a "memory box" that is sorted by month, that austin and i throw concert tickets / movie ticket stubs / writ bands, etc into. but i love your idea of making a box for vacations or even special events!

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE THIS!!!! What a great idea.

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