Happy 1st Birthday Molly!

Feb 3, 2015

A year ago today this sweet little pup with the most fake convincing sad eyes in the world was born. 
Last April, we drove to Mississippi to pick Molly up (and to reunite Charlie with his parents).
In case you've missed the 3482093843290 times I've mentioned it in the past, Molly and Charlie are biological siblings.
For some reason, I had this bizarre hope that the whole brother-sister connection accompanied by Charlie's well-behaved demeanor would assist in the training of Molly.
What's the opposite of well-behaved?
I'm too tired from cleaning up her latest atomic bomb of damage to use a thesaurus.
We'll stick with bad.
She loves to imitate every single move of Charlie's, like a true sibling.
. . . even to the point that she pees with one leg lifted up while squatting.
She loves to be held like a human toddler, and for whatever reason we oblige.
Her tail looks like the grinch's finger.
She loves to wrestle but hates to share.
She's affectionate and cuddly when she's tired (5% of the day?) but the rest of the time she's just plain bad.
So far she has chewed up five pairs of shoes, my sunglasses, two computer chargers, 3489028340938 pairs of panties and underwear, a purse, anddddd our couch.
For some strange reason, we still love her.
A lot.
Nowwwww, here comes an obnoxious amount of photos recapping our first year with Molly.
That was a bit over the top, right?
I'm 50% sorry and 50% not sorry.


Brittany Fry @ The 26th of August said...

Happy Birthday Miss Molly!!!

Leah said...

I love these pictures so much!!! They are both adorable!!! Happiest Birthday, Molly!!! 😊

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