Home Tour {Part 2}

Feb 12, 2015

Home decor isn't my strong suit.
Josh loathed my apartment in college because he said it looked like Dr. Seuss vomited everywhere.
That apparently damaged my soul, because since we have been married the primary color scheme of our home has been brown.
Insert thumbs down emoji here.
I spent a good bit of time stressing about the decor in our master bedroom.
 The room is massive.
There is so much room to fill (with all of our non-existent furniture) and so much boring beige wall space to cover.
Over the last few months we gradually collected a few furniture pieces, like a hand me down armoire from my cousin and a chest of drawers from my parents.
After we were finally able to get the perfect king bed frame that we had been coveting for a few years (spoiler arlert: it's brown), I spent a while agonizing over bed linens.
Our previous bed linens for our queen bed were also, of course, various shades of brown.
I knew I wanted a few things in our king bedding:
It had to be something extreeeemely fluffy and cozy, we had to have tons of pillows, it must include some colors that were not of the brown family and it all had to be washable.
Sayonara sweet dreams of every piece of Anthro's gorgeous bedding.
They wouldn't stand a chance with those darn dirty, dirty, dirty dogs.
A few months ago I found a quilt that I couldn't quite resist on clearance at Pottery Barn.
It was the last one in the store, was not available online and was $100 off.
I didn't necessarily have a choice in the matter, right?
I wasn't even sure if it would match at all, but I was determined to make it work.
A few weeks ago my friend Mary (who has mastered the art of the fluffy/cozy bed and whose last name is ironically brown) ventured into West Elm with me to find a duvet and shams.
Naturally, my un-bold self, chose mostly neutral colors, like shades of cream and beige, which blended greaaaat with our dull mawmaw cream of wheat walls and oatmeal carpet.
In order to liven things up a bit, Tiny Prints helped my plain jane self incorporate a pop of color via some perfect custom throw pillows.
Thank goodness for them.
 Without their help our bedroom would look like Norman Rockwell threw up everywhere.
Somehow this hodge podge of hand-me-downs, recycled wedding decor, and boring colors mixed with some bold patterns here and there actually came together nicely. 
I still have a few holes of gaping wall space (I'm looking at you, awkward emptiness over the bed. Any and all advice will be appreciated) but I have a feeling it will fill in over time. 
Until then, check out our progress so far:
I particularly love the recessed "mood" lighting around the ceiling.
Dresser :: CB2
Globe :: World Market
Wooden vase :: Target
Floor length mirror :: Ikea
Custom throw pillow :: Tiny Prints
Custom throw pillows :: Tiny Prints
Those are adorable, right?
Quilt :: Pottery Barn "Quinn"
King braided shams :: West Elm
Euro shams :: West Elm
Belgiun linen duvet :: West Elm
Bed frame :: Crate & Barrel
Mint wall clock :: Ikea
My mom worked tirelessly on repainting and distressing this hand me down armoire.
She used Annie Sloan's chalk paint in the shade of Napoleonic Blue.
How great is the original hardware?

The watercolor print in the middle was a custom painting by a local artist from my hometown, Mrs. Chris Broussard.
We used it for our wedding invitation, and we got to keep the original print.
This crate was actually used as a planter for the archway at our wedding ceremony.
My mom found the crates at a local flea market and my dad and uncle built the arch.
Our bathroom also doubles as Molly's chambers.
Kings of Leon reference
Mirrors :: Ikea
Jewelry tray :: antique found at Canton Trade Days
Wall hooks :: Anthropologie
I was hesitant to include the closet in our home tour.
Closets are boring.
I've never been the type to feel the need for a monstrous Sex and the City type closet, but I did always think it would be great to have a closet with the revolving remote controlled clothes rack like on Clueless.
. . . butttttt I guess I'll just have to settle for this one.
All the extra racks and shelves seem a bit excessive and unnecessary, but we primarily use them to store all of our scrubs . . . 
Also, there's the half bath included in this tour.
I knew you were probably wondering where the heck the guests get to pee, right? 
Me neither.
It's pretty lame as well (with the exception of the Where the Wild Things Are print from Hobby Lobby).
Although Charlie is bored to death with my home tours, I swear he loves the new place.
Primarily the bay windows.
Heyyyyy, thanks for visiting!
In case you missed part one of our home tour go here to catch up.
Part three (the entire upstairs portion that will most likely never get decorated) is coming soon!


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Again, I love everything!!! :)

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