A not so blank space

Mar 1, 2015

For the last two years I've been hunting vintage marquee letters at every antique shop I visit.
I have a thing for quotes and lyrics, and I've always wanted a piece of wall art that would allow me to swap quotes in and out as I wish.
My dreams have finally come to reality!
Last weekend, mom and I were doing some antique shopping in downtown Mckinney and I FINALLY found my letters!
It felt like Christmas morning.
I found the perfect collection of mis-matched shapes and sizes, just like I envisioned.
I quickly took off to Home Depot, in search of small, thin strips of wood to line the letters on.
I ended up finding the perfect solution in the crown molding/siding section.
The "L" shape of the trim made the ideal shelf to hold the letters.
The pieces were a bit long, so we finally had an excuse to use my new skil-saw!
I get my first power tool and Josh wouldn't even let me play, he insisted on doing it himself.
After we trimmed them, I stained the pieces a dark walnut, to match our bed and chest of drawers.
I have an extraordinary fear of hanging things on walls, which is why we have excessive blank wall space like this.
It was a bit of a challenge for me to choose exactly which blank space I wanted to fill, but I ended up settling on the space between our bedroom door and our chest of drawers.  
I do have to say that I'm pretty darn pleased with the finished product.
I've got a mile long list of potential quotes and lyrics to display, and I'm hoping to change it out weekly.
For the first display I chose lyrics from my favorite Head and The Heart song "Coeur D'Alene" 

Follow along on instagram @em_kerrigan if you would like to keep up with the weekly quotes! 


Jessica Elizabeth said...

The Head And The Heart is my favorite - they're soo good (especially live). I love how you used these lyrics and how the project turned out! I'm enjoying your house tours too! :)


Steph G said...

I saw the head and the heart tweet this out today :) Crazy small world. I love this project and how it turned out.

Leah said...

So creative!!! I totally love this!!! 😊

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

I LOVE THIS! So creative!

Ash Green said...

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Sophie Grace said...

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