Jan 1, 2017

I'm back.
…nineteen whole months and five passport stamps later
I recently spent six months planning a trip to the south island of New Zealand. 
In my research I found myself Googling New Zealand and getting bored and annoyed with the results: links to expedia and trip advisor and travel companies hoping to convince you to purchase a package deal or a guided tour. I learned that adding the word "blog" to my searches would give me much more beneficial and relevant information. I craved information from actual people and their personal, authentic travel experiences. For this simple reason, I have decided that I wanted to get back into blogging. I feel like I've gained some pretty valuable insight from our years of domestic and international travel. Information that could potentially benefit many people out there like me who want to know before you go. After a year and a half away from this blog, I have decided that this go 'round will be less of a "document every ounce of my life" venture and more of a "provide random DIY/food/travel advice for anyone who googles things and happens to find this blog" venture. 
I will also be periodically deleting some most of the garbage that I blogged back in 2012. 
Like this weird-ass post about The Mondo Diet.
Some posts you can look forward to:
(I'm putting these here in writing to somewhat hold me accountable)
Advice for international travel on a budget
Backpacking Nepal
Getting around New Zealand in a campervan + guide to RV parks and freedom camping
Seattle to Whistler road trip
Soooooooo stay tuned.
For real this time.

1 comment:

candice351 said...

So ready, and so glad you are back

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