The Mondo Diet

Sep 29, 2011

I had a patient come in this week informing my supervising physician and I that he had lost 45 pounds in a month.
When we asked how he accomplished that he said we would never believe him if he tried.
He told us that he started a new diet called "The Mondo Diet"
My jaw dropped to the floor.
I immediately thought I didn't hear him correctly, but as soon as he started his explanation it all made sense.
He had been replacing all his Coke's with Mondos.
Yes, thats right.

The great Kool-Aid Jammer knock off of the 90's.

The Mondo.

I immediately wondered where in the world he was finding Mondos, and why I had no idea they still existed.
Maybe he had been hoarding them for Y2K?

So, where'd he find them, you may be wondering?
The dollar store.
Now go out and getcha some.
. . . and while you're there grab some Dunkaroos.
For real, that's the only place you can find them.

I in no way endorse "The Mondo Diet" as a heathy means of losing weight, even though they are only 20 calories per drink.
But my roommate, Trish the [almost] nuTRISHionist says that changed your drinking habits (substituting soda & alcohol for more water) is one of the best ways to lose weight!

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