Nursery Tour

Jan 7, 2018

We've lived in our home for three years. In those three years, we never quite found a use for this random room. I suppose it was intended to be a dining room or an office, but my brain wanted it to be a formal sitting room or a craft room. I only lacked the formal sitting furniture and time to craft. So, the room essentially became a storage room. Until September. 
Josh was away a week for work and I happened to have that week off work. My mom came in town (accompanied by her best friend and my dad) and we tackled the nursery. They painted the entire room in a few hours and refused to let me help. Mom turned a closet of shelves into a closet with two hanging racks, she installed a light fixture, we repainted a bed frame and two chest of drawers (white from a former hot pink, harder than it sounds) and we ran around town purchasing (and returning) all the essentials (rugs, bedding, throw pillows, picture frames & lampshades). By the time she left that week, we had a nearly complete nursery. It was pretty amazing. A few weeks later, mom returned with my grandmother and her sewing machine. She helped us turn our old curtains from our first apartment into nursery curtains. They were free (hooray!) and so accidentally perfect because the original bows attached to them were covered with hand stamped sheet music. We had a spare day bed, so we opted to incorporate that into the nursery instead of a changing table. We'll see how that works out. We wanted to avoid an over the top "theme" to the nursery, but we knew we wanted to incorporate music, instruments and clean, calming tones. The abundance of llamas was never intentionally a part of the decor plan, but I'm not complaining. Our babymoon/5th anniversary trip to Chile & Argentina introduced us to our love for llamas, and I can't wait to tell our boy about these llamas all over his room and his first international family vacation one day. There are a few more sentimental items throughout the room, such as a wooden toys from my sister and Josh's sister, a stuffed llama from Argentina, a travel piggy bank made by our friends the Fishers, and on the bottom of the birch shelf you can see a stack of books from my childhood. I desperately hope that this room encourages our boy to develop a love for books and music.
Before we started work on the nursery (and before I grew too large for my all time favorite clothing piece ever, my overalls) I had my friend Mattie come over to snap some "before" photos of the nursery. We didn't intend to incorporate the dogs in the photos, but they included themselves, and it kind of turned out perfectly. 
I'm so thrilled to share this room with you. It's hands down my favorite room in the house, and we absolutely cannot wait to bring our boy home and raise him in this cozy space.

paint: sea salt by Sherwin Williams
bumper: JuJu and Jake via Etsy 
birch wall shelf: Pottery Barn Kids
book shelf: Babyletto Tally
chandelier: Pottery Barn Kids
ABC musical instrument print: Everyday Summit via Etsy
llama rocker: Pottery Barn Kids
rugs: At Home
day bed bedding + toy basket: Target
fur rug + llama lamp + floating frames: World Market
wooden play gym: Clover and Birch via Etsy 


Leah said...

This room couldn't be any more perfect than it is!! I'm so excited for the two of you!! The best gift in the world will be here soon!! Many prayers for you all!! ❤️

Gentri said...

Love love love!!! Everything is perfection!

James Gallol said...

This room couldn't be any more amazing than it is!! I'm so energized for you two!! The best blessing on the planet will be here soon!! Numerous supplications for all of you!! baby toys

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