Nicaragua: The Mission

Feb 17, 2012

This is the final post of my three part series about the medical mission trip to Nicaragua I took with my church in 2009.
You can see parts one and two here and here.

The ultimate purpose of this trip was to spread the Word through service, ministry, and love.
We were able to do this in multiple ways.
The group held a vacation Bible school, assisted with a clinic, helped serve food to the children of the dump, and also performed multiple operations.

The surgeons, nurses, and medical personnel on the trip were able to perform multiple (I think 8?) knee replacements.
(That's me with the pink glasses!)

. . . and we little students got to scrub in and be of slight assistance.
Look at me go, I'm an expert irrigator! 

Open knee on the table . . . 
Oh, too late? 
You already saw the pic and got light headed.

I was so fascinated by their patient rooms.
1) Not air conditioned
2) you had to provide your own bed sheets and pillows

I can't wait to go back as an actual Physician Assistant, rather than a measly 'ol student. Wah. 

Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, we were able to assist with serving meals to the children of the dump.

It was such a humbling experience, and very gratifying to be able to provide these kids with the meals provided by the donations of churchgoers all around the states.

I was actually seeing my church's money put to use, how often can you say that?
Sure, when you buy TOMS, you imagine that same pair on a kid in Africa, but do you get to see that kid actually receive the pair of shoes you paid for? 

While at The Dump, one day we gave out handmade dresses (from a church in Alabama, I believe?) to all the young girls.

They loved their dresses so much, and loved having their picture taken in them even more!

In the mornings before the vacation Bible school we would go visit many patients in the waiting room of the hospital and clinic.
We spent time witnessing to many individuals, as well as talking about Jesus to the little children while letting them color.

The Vacation Bible School was so fun to help out with!
Even though it was hard to communicate with the children, we were still able to spread the Word and show them love.

. . . and everyone knows how to play duck, duck, goose!
I mean pato, pato, ganso.
We became reaaaallllly good at that.

Most of the children would squeeze in the back of this truck every day just to be able to make it to VBS from the city.

Mark 16:15
Jesus said to His disciples, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature."

This experience truly lit a fire in me.
I was encouraged to not only to spread God's word to people who have never had the privilege of hearing it before, but also to work on constantly showing His love through my actions, no matter where I am.
Whether I am in a foreign country or Louisiana I can always be on a "mission trip" to teach people about the healing love and saving grace of Jesus Christ.

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