Feb 12, 2012

This weekend in Dallas, we made a little trip to Ikea.
While we were there, I set up my free Ikea club membership thingy which allowed me to get a free cone of frozen yogurt.

Oh, wow, cool, you got free yogurt, that is soooo blog worthy.
Not really, but it led to the following conversation . . . 

Josh: You should have coned that guy?
Me: Yea, I should have totally coned up? ummm, do what?
Josh: Have you ever heard of coning?
Me: I don't think so
Josh: Oh wow. It's like when people do all these crazy things with ice cream cones.
(Descriptive, right?)
Me: Oh really? Sounds pretty not cool, at all
(I'm picturing people throwing ice cream cones at each other, or like huge pieces of ice cream cone artwork)

Little did I know, I was about to become very cultured in the ways of coning:

How did I miss this?
It's definitely a lot cooler than planking.


Jenn @ What You Make It said...

Ha! I like the last one. I mean I guess it doesn't really harm the fast food people, really, when you grab the ice cream and run, they can just throw it away, but the people doing it are kind of wrong about it ; ) Apparently it is a big deal though!


Emily said...

Agreed! I wish I was brave enough to try it, I just can't figure out what I would do with my hand once it was all sticky and ice creamy.

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