A musical craft

Nov 1, 2012

Lately, I've been taking on multiple projects left and right, either for the wedding or our new apartment. 
This one was just one craft I've been wanting to do, but I couldn't decide whether it should be used at the wedding or not (and if we will even have any wall space left in our apartment for random art)
The quote "Would you like to dance around the world with me?" is from one of our favorite Dave Matthews songs, which kinda holds a special place for Josh and I. 
With our love for good music and traveling, I was dying to incorporate a vintage map and some paper from an old hymnal.
I printed out the quote, cut out the letters, then traced them onto the old hymnal paper.
Finally, I modge podged each letter in place.
(It was a lot easier doing a layer first and then placing each letter onto the map so that they would stay in place)


Alex, Speaking Denglish said...


Jessica Kulick said...

Super cute! Hopefully you do have room on your walls because it's definitely frame-worthy! ;)

Taylor said...

Oh my goodness. Love.

The Adventurer said...

Hi - I'm obsessed with this. OBSESSED!

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