Life is Happening

Nov 13, 2012

This last week has been slam packed full of some monumental life changes.
Let's see . . . 
I had my last day at the greatest job in American, Minden Orthopedics, complete with a "Emily, Please don't go" cake.
So many tears.
I loaded up my car and sped off to Dallas to get the keys to our new apartment! 
I am going to have a boy roommate!
No, I take that back, TWO boy roommates!
 We spent most of the weekend stocking the shelves and cleaning.
(The $4 Anthro glasses are my fav!)
We also got all decorated for Christmas, so that when we come home from Iceland our little home will be all festive.
 Even though we were busy taking care of so many adult things, we managed to squeeze in a little time to celebrate me turning a quarter of a century old.
The big 25 hit me hard this weekend.
I kinda forgot I had a birthday.
Some of my favorite peeps came to Dallas to hang with us for the weekdn.
. . . and the highlight of birthday festivities:
Whiskey Cake Brunch
 Whiskey Cake makes the best birthday cake!

I'm off to spend the week in hardcore wedding mode.
See ya!


Amanda Schroeder said...

YOu have a lovely life. That whiskey cake looks de-lish. I wish I had boy room mates in college! That would be so fun!

amanda @ we and serendipity

Lisamarie said...

Your group of friends looks like so much fun. Happy birthday, lady! And congratulations on the move!

Sammantha said...

looks like a blast! boy roommates are fun :)

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