Dec 5, 2011

This weekend I discovered my new favorite camera trick:
(Bokeh is the Japanese word for blur)

(I took that!)
Mind=blown, right?

Using different types of “filters” on SLR cameras you can pretty much shape these “blurs” of lighting into whatever you want.

Thanks to the new lens Josh got my for my birthday, I was able to do lots of experimenting this weekend . . . and I kinda shocked myself with the results.
(It’s all the camera, I swear, I’m still a baby in the world of SLRs)

I made some filters using construction paper and a bunch of different hole punches.
I cut a long strip of black paper to wrap around the circumference of the lens, and then I made little cuts on a square piece of paper so that it would fold up around the lens evenly.

Before you put the lens cover on, turn off autofocus, then make your image as out of focus as you can . . . thennnnn put the lens cover on and shoot away.
It took a whole lot of trial and error, but I learned a lot, and managed to get some amazing pictures in the process.

The star and dove cutouts were a little off center, so be sure to try your hardest to center the image with the lens!

The music notes came out backwards . . . oopsie.

Gotta represent Sigma Kappa with some doves.

My bottle of wine was such a great model.
(This one was taken without a filter on)

This image was taken with the flash on, so that the light reflecting off the glitter was filtered.
My favorite accidentally awesome picture.

I'm beyond addicted now, I can't stop thinking of more ways to take more pictures!
Must. Study.


Maggie said...

Ahhh! I need a camera!!! this is sooooo kewwwwwwl!!!

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

WHOA OMG WANT TO DO THIS NOW! Merry Christmas Emily!

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