The story behind our wedding koozies

Jan 14, 2013

Having koozies as our wedding "party favor" was a must for both of us (we are pretty passionate about good beer) but again, I was very very particular about what these koozies would look like.
I was a bit burnt out on the typical koozie quotes like "To have and to hold and to keep your beer cold" and "Eat, drink, and be married" (even though we are huge DMB fans) 
There is nothing wrong with those at all, but in true hipster fashion, we just wanted something different.
Josh recruited his hilarious friends and put them up to the challenge of coming up with something great.
It literally took 2 minutes for Marshall to spout off "Have a beer and ski off this mountain with me."
Here's the mastermind:
. . . and here's the backstory:
Josh and the guys went to Josh's dad's house in Atlanta last summer for my brother's birthday.
While there, they were a tad inebriated and began to dig through Josh's old trunk of elementary school keepsakes.
They found his D.A.R.E. book from 5th grade.
It led to plenty of jokes and laughs, but the most entertaining "lesson" from the workbook was this page:
Josh and I agreed that the statement "beer can kill you" would be entirely too bold for a koozie.
"Have a beer and ski off this mountain with me" was pretty perfect.
I made this shadowbox and put it on display above the koozies at the wedding.
Thanks Marsh for your always entertaining quick wit!

We ordered the koozies from and it was only $100 for 200 koozies.
They were so easy to work with and provided proofs as well as fast responses to your edits of the proofs.


whit | Black Little Button blog said...

that's awesome! :)

Unknown said...

I absolutely love koozies! My English boyfriend thought they were called coolies. Which makes sense, right?

Erin said...

That's amazing! I love when couples are creative and do their OWN thing at their weddings. And the shadowbox is seriously WAY too cute!! :) Love it all!

Anonymous said...

Wow. that is freaking adorable haha!

Jorie said...

What a precious idea! I love that you added a shadowbox for your wedding to tell your guests the story, too.


Kristina said...

So cute -- especially since none of your guests will ever have another koozie with that on it!

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