Friday's Letters

Jan 25, 2013

Dear roommies:
Y'all melt my heart.
Dear Ron Paul:
I get to hear you speak this weekend and I am rather pumped about it.
What I am not pumped about is how Josh convinced me to sit through an entire Saturday of lectures on the economy and politics, all while wearing business casual.
On. A. Saturday.

Dear Local Natives:
I'm pretty thankful your new album streamed for free on iTunes this week.
Life of the broke and unemployed.

Dear obedience:
Why is it that we can train Charlie to do yoga on command, but after 2.5 years he still won't heel?
Dear Kelle Hampton:
I never knew I could cry so many tears.
There are truly no words for how incredible this story is.

Dear Michelle:
Your love for fantastic music makes me love you more, and that rare JV find makes me wanna put on my boots.

Dear Readers:
I know you are probably super sick of hearing all about our trip to Iceland, but I've been working on a video for the last three days (what else do I have to do in all my spare time?) using some video clips I took while there and you need to watch it because it is pretty awesome.
If that doesn't convince you, then just know that it's synchronized to the beat of an Of Monsters and Men song.



Charlene Zale said...

I like Ron Paul... well I like his son Rand Paul more, hehe. I hope you have a great weekend! :)

XO Charlene Zale

Ei8ht Beach Street said...

What a stunning video!! I enevr really had it in my mind to go to Iceland but now, wow, you changed my mind. Super duper, really enjoyed it. Thanks.

Chelsea @ Lost in Travels said...

i love that your dog does yoga! if i could pick one trick it would be that...followed by pointed my finger at him and them playing dead. i laugh every time i see it done

Katie said...

A yoga-doing dog? A dog after my own heart! ;)

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