Apr 2, 2013

I'm having a crisis and I need any assistance anyone may have.
The onlyyyyyy thing we are missing from our nearly furnished apartment is a rug.
(Speaking of that, apartment tour, coming to the blog soon!)
I'm not going to just go out and buy any rug because I feel like our rug is going to be the final link that will pull everything together.
With that being said, I have a very specific style in mind (and it needs to maybe possibly be dog proof, is that possible?)
I found this ottoman a while back (at Stein Mart, I think) and I've regretted not buying it forever, but I can't get the pattern out of my head.
I need a rug in this exact pattern, or something semi-close.
Any advice?
Please help me, I may possibly die. 


A and B said...

Ahh rugs! I talked about buying a rug for months before I could bring myself to purchase one! Have you tried west elm? They have great ones, and maybe something in that same pattern!

Anonymous said...

I have my eye on this geometric rug from Ikea:
It's not as colorful but I love the look!
one sweet tuesday.

Jes said...

Not exactly the same, but these made me think of you:

Rachael said...

I just discovered these are called "killim rugs" and there's a bunch on Amazon!!

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