Friday's Letters

Dec 6, 2013

Dear favorite couple of all time/greatest engagement photo of all time:
Even though it has been two weeks, I still have no words to adequately describe my joy for you two.
This pictures says it all.
Dear Texas weather (because I have absolutely nothing else interesting to write letters to besides the stupid weather),
Make up your mind.
75 degrees one day, snowing the next.
I'm not complaining though, I approve of patio weather in December (surround by lit trees and garland).
Dear Dad,
You informing me that Jim Cantore was heading to town spiked my icy road driving anxiety through the roof.
Dear Josh's work Christmas party,
On a rooftop downtown Dallas.
25 degrees with ice/snow.

Dear whoever decided to try to sneakily eat the bundt cake with a fork,
I was raised better than that, so I'm automatically eliminated from the police lineup.
Dear previously mentioned culprit,
You give really sweet and thoughtful cards.
Dear Walking Dead,
Quit it.
I'm running out of fingernails to chew.

1 comment:

Kerry Schultz said...

Some really cute and interesting letters you wrote. You know how to deliver a story properly and you really impressed me with your work. Keep it up.

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