Portland {Part 2}

Dec 12, 2013

Following our Thanksgiving day shenanigans in Portland (catch yourself up here in case you missed it), we headed east to get in some quality mountain time.
We are both huge skiers and I was so thrilled to find out that we would be able to ski while in Oregon.
Who could resist that cute little Mt. Hood?
From downtown Portland, it just stares at you in the distance begging you to come play.
It was quite a sunny, rather warm day at Mt. Hood Meadows.
. . . not to mention freaking cheap too.
We both skied (rentals and all) for around $120 total.
Granted, the mountain didn't have any new snow, we still made do with the pretend stuff.
There were only four lifts open, but plenty of blue and black runs to enjoy for a full day on the mountain.
We finished up the afternoon with sliders and local beer at the base.
On our way back to the city, we stopped by Hood River to check out Double Mountain Brewery.
While there, we met Bob (also known as future Josh in 20 years)
Josh joked that he fed out travel bug steroids and deer antler spray.
He was basically the coolest guy in the world or he was just an angel.
We also swapped hats and took selfies.
We recuperated at the hotel, then headed to see one of our new favorite bands of all time, Typhoon.
Josh gave me the choice of seeing Typoon or Pearl Jam that night, and after much deliberation (it really was stressful) we chose Typhoon.
I'm SO thankful we did (besides, we pulled up the Pearl Jam setlist the next day, and I didn't love it. Thank goodness, no setlist remorse)
The show was at The Crystal Ballroom and it definitely makes the list for one of my favorite venues.
The band was absolutely incredible live.
There was so much passion and talent among all the members.
I think we'll have to return for ummmmm every other show. 
Part three coming soon :)
. . . IF I can pull myself together from the massive Portland withdrawals I'm experiencing.


brooke lyn said...

ok crystal ballroom is my favorite!!! did the ground sway for you?! also so jealous i missed typhoon

Kate said...

I commented on your last post about my brother moving to Portland. Turns out.. he moved there to work at the Crystal Ballroom! He books bands for them and a few of the smaller venues owned by McMenamins. I LOVE the Ballroom!

We also always stay at one of the hotels owned by McMenamins. The Kennedy School is, by far, my favorite.

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