Tunesday: Dink's Song

Dec 3, 2013

We have unfortunately returned back to Texas following our weekend getaway to Portland and are attempting to come down out of our pacific northwest coma.
While I am wading through a bazillion photos and working on blog updates about the incredible surprise anniversary trip Josh planned for us, I figured I would share this piece of magic he recorded last night.

We recently saw the trailer for Inside Llewyn Davis and fell in love with Marcus Mumford's version of the song. 
Though, I must admit, Josh's versions always seen better to me.
I'm thinking it will be a good song for his audition.
Oh, by the way, he was contacted a few weeks ago by The Voice and was asked him to privately audition in January.
I would assume this YouTube video (with over 6,000 views) is to blame. 
He swears he's not going to do it, but him posting YouTube videos was the result of a lost bet, so fingers crossed he will lose another bet soon? 

1 comment:

brooke lyn said...

a) can't wait for your trip recaps. b) i lived through your insta and was sad i wasn't around while you were here c) i always love his music. he better audition

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