Ice-pocaplypse 2013

Dec 9, 2013

Unfortunately the great ice storm of 2013 kept us from being able to go to Josh's work Christmas party this weekend. 
Instead, it kept us cooped up allllllllllllllllllllllll weekend.
We probably would have starved had we not been able to walk to nearby restaurants and bars.
That was a tad dramatic, but slightly true.
Driving to work Friday morning was terrifying, but thankfully after we got home we didn't have to leave again until Monday morning. 
We skated to lunch on Saturday, and then again on Sunday. 
 I am so appreciative of the fact that we never lost power.
Had we lost power, we really wouldn't have known what to do with all our spare time. 
We would have had to like talk to each other or something, gross.
We didn't dare try to venture out (even when we ran out of cereal we walked to a nearby market get more)
I'm pretty sure the roads were covered with at least two inches of ice. 
We saw plenty of cars colliding, not to mention the huge sheets of ice sliding off the rooftops of our apartment complex Sunday afternoon which totaled some cars (and made the news! It was even on Good Morning America)
Charlie loved the ice though, and we loved watching him awkwardly slip and slide like bambi.
Side note: 
This restaurant was where we had a patio dinner Thursday night (way back when it was 75 degrees).
We aren't usually the type to dress our dog in sweaters, but who am I kidding?
Josh's gator from Iceland worked quite well.

My poor totaled Jag ;)
. . . being forced to "survive" off of pizza and beer for a weekend was rough.
I hated it, so so so so not much at all. 


Lauren // Pink on the Cheek said...

So jealous of your snow!! I wish I would have a white December!

Morgan said...

That pizza looks delicious, and icicles are so very photogenic :) but seriously, whats up with this crazy weather!?

p.s. i can think of at least a few work christmas parties that i would have rather been snowed in for lol

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